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SEO????Hard or Easy!!!

One of the many indications of the success of a website is traffic. Traffic shows that the website is popular with visitors. One effective way to bring visitors to the website is through search engines. Usually, visitors will find websites through search engines by using keywords or keyword.

Hope the website owner of course appear at the top of search engine results because of the tendency of course, visitors will click on results - results that appear top.

The question is then how can our website can appear on search engine results for keywords - keywords that are relevant to the content of our website? Furthermore how to make our website can appear at the top to attract more visitors?

Search Engine Optimazer (SEO) solution

SEO is a process for a web page can be read better by search engines which are crawler (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). The process of Search Engine Optomazer (seo) can involve a web page itself, but did not rule out the possibility of also involving other websites.

Not all types of websites can be read properly by search engines. Websites that use the full flash to date at all can not be read properly by search engines, while the website will meet the W3C standard can be read properly by search engines. Search engines also have trouble reading the web using JavaScript and web navigation with frames.

There are so many factors that determine success in seo. In addition, the method of search engines to index the search results are constantly changing. Therefore, seo can be said to be very dynamic because the method changed from time to time, and also seo can not guarantee whether your website will appear in top search index or not. Please refer to the article - an article about seo in this web site and start generating traffic from search engines.


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seo is easy.....that realy :D

Hafiz Andriansyah said...

tukeran follow/link???


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