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Tips for search Engine Marketing

Tips for Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )
  1. Linking for your image. These is quite an effective strategy if you're trying on to convert traffic to come in to your website. The trouble with image links even so is that search engines don't have the capability to realize it because it's only capable to distinguish text. So as far as possible arrange some text around, above, or below the image link so that search engines could be capable to recognize it and lead web traffic to your website or to some pages of your site.
  2. High keyword Content. These is how search engine marketing goes through keywords, keyword phrases, and keyword-rich articles. Make the best of the fact that search engines only realize text so release lots of literary and unique article that you could get your hands on; or if you prefer to save on cost, compose the articles and blogs yourself.
  3. Navigation Website must be Friendly. These is how most websites betray. Because of some website owners' obsession with creating either the most appealing or the most exciting websites, they betrayed to conceive the conception and layout of their various websites.


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