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steps to change the nofollow to dofollow

In this post I will discuss how to change the blog using blogspot from nofollow to dofollow. But before that I will explain the second term.

1. Nofollow: its core search engine will not identify all the links on the page.
2. Dofollow: The opposite of nofollow search engine would identify all the links on the page with the spiderbot her, so that will add to your backlinks.

How can I improve our blog PageRank, backlinks are one surefire way to improve PageRank. Then how do I get backlinks? backlinks can be obtained from web pages that link dofollow such as on the forums, bookmark the site socialbookmark blog, commenting on the blogs of others.

I see a lot of people especially newbie who always do such unethical conduct blogs comment spam via the form in which spammers commenting people disconnected with the topic, intentionally enter the link as a promotion. Actually, the comment form there are 3 fields, first name, email, and url and texbox for our comments. In the url field can be made a backlink, no need to include clear links to the comment gk, provided for links in comments dofollow.
Now I want to ask if your blog dofollow or nofollow, I recommend you guys changed into dofollow blog because certainly a lot of comments to your blog. Besides helping people that's the reward, gk ya? so help the beginner to like your blog has a pagerank and alexa rank is good. Ok now I will give you tips on how to change the nofollow to dofollow, follow the tutorial below:

1. Open LAYOUT>> EDIT HTML>> Click on Expand Widget Templates
2. Search for (ctr + f) input "nofollow" on your browser find the box, and click next!
3. Having met her immediately remove nofollow.
4. Save the template.
5. done!


1. So the rel = "nofollow" or rel = "external nofollow" means Nofollow.
2. For the rel = "external" or do not use the attribute rel, mean Dofollow.

Ok so many of my tutorials, hopefully to help you guys, especially the newbie!


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