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simple ways make template SEO

Did you know that your template is actually quite a big influence to the quality of your SEO? Yes, the template that is one important part of SEO for a blog, without adequate templates seo I guarantee your blog will be less than the maximum.

The purpose of seo on the template here is about the speed of indexing search engine for your articles. Why there is always a long complained that the newest articles indexed by search engines, one factor is the template that you currently use.

Do you have the same question? Learn tips from me for your template is more search engine friendly and helps speed up indexing the articles in your blog.
1. Sidebar On the Left Less Good

For the first tips that I suggest that you choose a template with a sidebar on the right there, why? For the enthusiast your seo, should already know this, that the search engine robots read a blog from left to right.

It is also in justified by an ebook that I read, the author of this ebook is Brad Callen seo ebook is titled Made Easy, if curious to read it you can download it for free through this link.

Indeed you do not have to choose a template with sidebar on the right and the left of the article, but if you are someone who is very concerned with seo, has become a mandatory item that you use a template with sidebar on the left of the article.
2. Minimalist Template Good For seo

Why minimalist good for seo? The answer is because it is very minimalist in terms of loading. The better / faster loading of your blog, will better the SEO of your blog.

Meaning minimalist blog here does not mean you have to use a template 1 column, must be pure css without images, or even be without the sidebar. That's not what I mean! My point is that you have meminimaliskan template using now.

Begin to fix your template, delete the facilities that are less useful to the reader, remove the facilities to make your blog loading very slow.

3. Start Learning to Reduce Error On Validity

A source says, that the search engine robots will be very difficult to index your blog pages if there are many errors on the validity of the template you use.

Blog page error, could be in because of the facilities that you attach your blog. Please check yourself in the validator, but you reduce errors, such as my writing above, loading your blog will get better with the facility to minimize the blog.

In my opinion, if the number of errors in your blog still shows the number of 10-20 is safe enough, but better to reduce to below 10 even very good when the invalid.

Although not all bloggers have the ability to edit the template because they have to understand the language of HTML and CSS, but it would not hurt you begin to learn it, because these for your own good.

It's so much to write about HTML and CSS tutorials in the world blogging, so I'm sure with a little will and effort to find (googling), surely you can edit your template, at least you can reduce the errors that exist on the template you are using .


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