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The world's first bra

Bufoli -  BRA World's First lady, was found in storage at the Museum of Science, in London, believed to be the first breast cover, designed to give the statue of a woman more beautiful breast shape in the same way as the modern bra. (so the BRA was first used by the statue?)

BRA including exclusive items until 1907, when it featured in Vogue. before then, the BRA is a luxury only available to wealthy women. Underwear is also part of the collection on display in glass cabinets containing various cosmetic device of the 19th century.

The items will be shown to be one of the highlights in a show at the Museum of Science entitled 'The Science of Beauty. "In cooperation with L'Oreal, will cross the boundaries between art, fashion, science and psychology - visitors are given the opportunity to learn more about people's fixation with beauty through interactive workshops, speaking and other activities.

Visitors can take part in a workshop Egyptian makeup and have the opportunity to see rare items from the collection of personal care Wellcome - shows how beauty accessories and techniques have changed throughout history.

This bra display first woman in the world.


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