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Why Do I Get Chinese When I Click Login Facebook?

Q: Google search, click on Login to Facebook, window opens to some kind of displaced picture of oriental writing.
A: First, make sure you are actually at facebook.com. Instead of searching for the site, just enter the URL into your browser's address bar.
Secondly, it's possible your language setting was changed. Go to http://www.facebook.com/editaccount.php?language to set it back to English.
Is there a disadvantage to using the login with facebook widget on my site?
Q: I've got a new classifieds site and would like to use a login with facebook widget just to encourage more people to register since it's faster.Is there any downside to this? Do I get their emails to send them updates just like with manual registrations?
A: As Far as i Know there is no Downsides to it
Why cannt I login my facebook in my phone and youtube videos freaz and play?
Q: I havr the motorola Thriumph for motorola(virgin.Mobile)i try to login in facebook an it just says system error pleaze try again...and youtube videos pkay gor 3-5 secounds and stops an plays again for like 10 secounds and freases againPlZ Help!
A: The most likely reason is that Facebook is experiencing technical difficulties/ glitches and should be up and running shortly. Log out and wait a while before logging back in.
If the problem persists contact Facebook via phone; 650-543-4800
I've just tried to login to Facebook using Internet Explorer on my PC & got a security warning What is wrong?
Q: I've just tried to login to Facebook using Internet Explorer on my PC & got a security warning so tried via my Firefox browser and got a similar warning. Anyone know what is going on? Has Facebook security been compromised?
A: if it was on the internet browser just go back its a scam
If I changed my yahoo password and I use it to login to facebook then do I need to change my facebook ?
Q: Someone had accessed my yahoo contacts and has sent unsolicited emails so I changed my yahoo password. I use my yahoo password to login to facebook. So do I need to change my facebook password also ?
A: If the 2 sites Yahoo/Facebook had the same password
then you changed the Yahoo one
You would have to change the Facebook one also,as it
will be the same as before.
Have a good weekend
Who to play mafia wars without login in Facebook ?
Q: As facebook is locked in my office network I cannot play Mafia Wars. Is their any way I can play Mafia without login to facebook account?
A: No.. Work is for, well working.
If I delete my email that I use to login to Facebook?
Q: Can I still login to Facebook with the deleted email adress??
I tired updating my email, but it doesn't work. :
It keeps saying we have sent a confirmation email, but it's not there.
A: Of course you can, but you obviously won't be able to send a password reset email to it if you ever lose it. The email address is nothing more than your login name, so it doesn't matter if you deleted it or not.
Just out of curiosity, why would you not just update your email?
login to facebook, several emails show up when i start to type how do i make them not appear?
Q: when my dad goes to login to facebook, he starts typing and like all of my email addresses show up how do i remove them to automatically not be saved. i dont want him to know what my email address is.
A: Clear the cache of browser after using facebook and simply delete the temporary files from your pc. While log in facebook dont mark stay sign in or save passward.
What do you do when you lost your password to your facebook account and do not have access to that account?
Q: I tried doing what it said to do on the help page by emailing login@facebook.com, but this did not work for me....
A: On a login page there is usually a place where they ask this question. "Forgot your password" click here.
Then they send you the password to the e-mail addy you used when you registered.
If that, for some reason is NOT an option, contact the web admins or re-register all over again and write the PW into a little black book and keep it in a safe place, just for times like this one. LOL
What would cause logins to suddenly fail for only a couple of sites?
Q: My computer won't login to facebook or my company's site. It surfs fine other than that. I have reset security to default and deleted all offline internet files, cookies and history. Any ideas. Using Internet Explorer.
A: It probably has something to do with your cookies. Open Internet Explorer and click on the "tools" menu then on "Internet Options." Then click on the "Privacy" tab and then "Sites." Type in the URL of the site you are trying to log on to and click "allow."
Now go back to the "Privacy" tab and make sure your browser accepts all cookies.
If that still doesn't work, consider using a different browser. I recommend Firefox, but you can also use Google Chrome or Opera.

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