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dofollow vs nofollow???

Blog no follow  is a blog or website that when we leave a comment so we will not get the back links from this blog. This means that we put a link on no follow blogs will be considered ordinary link or hyperlink only. Blog do follow  is a blog that provide back links. This means that if we are commenting on a do follow blog, we'll get a link back or back link from the website.
In principle, a blog is already the default be set no follow, but we can change it into do follow. Before you replace your no follow blog into do follow blog, you should read the blog deficiency and excess of no follow and do follow blogs. please read below:

The Advantages of No follow blog:
  • The risk of getting spam is very small compared with the do follow.
  • Preferably by google in terms of seo.
  • Pagerank will stable.
The Disadvantages of No follow blog:
  • We will be considered stingy by another friend are looking for back links, and ultimately our blog friends do not want to visit again.
  • Hardly one to comment in each of our posts.
The advantages of do follow blog:
  • Can increase traffic of our blog.
  • Gets a lot of commentators. This is because they come only to find backlinks from our blogs.
  • Have a regular visitor / faithful that much because they like to get back links.
The disadvantages of do follow blog:
  • Many spammer in the comment box.
  • Not liked by google for giving too many outbound links.
  • Our blog can be removed by search engine or at least only partially indexing content.
  • Can be considered by Google as a link farm.
  • We are overwhelmed to come back because of too many who come to visit.
Next time author will share about how to change no follow blog to become do follow blog.


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Online Logo Design said...

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In SEO we need to give balance on both side do-follow and no-follow

Dhana/戴安娜 said...

greeting for you
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