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the secret of google pagerank

Google pagerank is a value or ranking of web pages provided by google search engine whose value is determined from pagerank algorithm created by the founders of google "Lawrence Page" and "Sergey Brin". pagerank algorithm used to determine ranking of pages already experienced so many changes and modifications to provide the most relavan search results for users of Google's search enggine.

A few moments later with the more hectic with people who are very fanatical about pagerank google it, make a few people study it and find that the google pagerank sometimes give results not as expected. However google pagerank is one key to success in seizing the google search engine market and become the most widely used today. How pagerank algorithm works have been published by the author, but many things remain a secret google.

In determining sebah search results, search engines use highly complex algorithms and variables very much. Among them is the use keywords, meta, inbound links, density, content and link popularity. Link popularity is the embryo of pagerank.
Link popularity is a concept that was developed to overcome the shortcomings of other technologies that can be rigged with the cheating tricks like hidden text, doorway pages, cloaking the so-called black hat SEO tricks. With link popularity, each page will be inbound links (incoming links) and outbound links (links keuar). This concept can technically reduce the effects of the tricks to fool search engines based on onpage optimization.
pagerank, have the same basic concept of link popularity, but not only take into account pagerank inbound links and outbound links. The approach used is: a page will be considered important if other pages have a link to that page. A page will also become increasingly important if other pages have high rankings refer to the page.
With the approach used by pagerank, a ranking will be determined by the ranking of a web page ranking is determined by the rankings of other web pages that have links to those pages. If observed, this process means a process that is repeated (recursive). Where on the internet there are millions and even billions of web pages. Therefore, a web page ranking is determined from the overall link structure of web pages that exist in cyberspace. A process that is very large and complex that would require huge resources.


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