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tips for google adsense

google adsense is one program that is very liked by the bloggers.there are many bloggers are getting much benefit from this program.only with a blog that has a high visitor traffic, bloggers can get a lot of extraordinary income. however, not easy for bloggers to join google adsense program. many bloggers who can not follow this program for a variety of reasons. blogs are not accepted by google, it is forbidden to be registered again. therefore, the authors will share tips on how to create a blog accepted by google adsense.

1. Your blog must use English language.
2. content of your blog must be unique and not from copypaste.
3. Your blog content must be compatible with your blog niche.
4. always to keep an update to your blog posts.

if your blog is accepted by google to follow the program, you should not do click fraud, such as by conducting its own ads in your blog.


6 Respones to "tips for google adsense"

yhas kampoeng nimbuzz said...

kejar terus adsense mu sob....semangat

Ibnu(dunia-klue) said...

NICE POST SOB,Salam kenal
Ngemeng2 harus diterjemahin dulu ama mbah google akh,(nggak bisa b.inggris wkwkwk)

Muhammad Chandra said...

salam kenal bro

admin said...

@yhas-->thankss sob semangat
@ibnu-->pake apa aja sob, yg penting ngerti,wkwkwkwk
@muhammad chandra-->salam kenal juga bro

menjadi blogger yang bahagia said...

thanks tipsnya...

aufal said...

assalamualaikum salam kenal sob...........


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