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david beckham fooled by the power balance bracelet

Bufoli - David Beckham Deceived The power balance when she feels comfortable using a bracelet which he considers to have a regulator power balance during exercise.
1. David Beckham
This British footballer ever caught on camera wearing a black colored power balance that circles the arm in an opportunity. He probably wanted to look prime symbolizes his status as an athlete.

2. Kate Middleton
Prince William's future wife is also not to be outdone. Similar bracelet looks adorned the hand as the British Queen Candidates walk in a place some time ago.

3. Robert De Niro
Artist aging has also been spotted wearing a power balance when interviewed by a media. Is it in order to maintain health at the age of no longer young?

4. P Diddy
Diddy was seen wearing a rubber band when he acted on stage. Whether because of follow-up trend or rap singer from the United States it was considered cool power balance?

5. Gerard Butler
Starring colossal film 300 is also caught on camera wearing a bracelet 'balancing' was at an event
but in fact, lately the bracelet maker issued a surprising statement. Products that do not have any efficacy. The company is even offering compensation to people who already purchased these bracelets.


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