0 Jasson Collins: The 2004-05 NBA Schedule

Admit it, the first thing you did when the 2004-05 NBA schedule came out last week was check to see when Shaq and the Miami Heat would visit Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. It probably didn't take long to find that game, though, as we all know the NBA marketing machine would slate it for big time ratings on X-Mas day. Kobe and Shaq won't be the only hyped-up, intriguing match-up of the season, though, that's for sure. With such an active off-season, the 2004-05 season is sure to be loaded with must-see games. Here are some of the games I'm looking forward to...

November 2, 2004 - Opening night always brings some interesting games, but, with this year's season opening on the first Tuesday of November in an election year, I'm sure a lot of viewers are going to be watching something else. That's too bad because they'll be missing a solid lineup of 3 games to start the season. The new-look Rockets, headlined by Yao Ming (now in his third season) and last year's scoring champ and newest Houston arrival, Tracy McGrady, will head to Detroit to take on Rip Hamilton, Ben Wallace, and the defending champion Pistons, who will be receiving their rings. We'll also get to see the Kings with-or-without Peja Stojakovic take on the Nash-less Mavs. And, Kobe and the new-look Lakers host Denver.

November 4, 2004 - Francisco Elson apologized for making some derogatory comments about Kevin Garnett during the playoffs, but it's safe to say KG's probably got payback coming in the form of a huge game as his Wolves face off against the Nuggets. Also, it's worth noting the Charlotte Bobcats tip off their franchise history against the Washington Wizards.

November 16, 2004 - Just halfway into the first month of the season and Steve Nash will head back to his old stomping grounds to take on the Dallas Mavericks. The good money says Mavs owner Mark Cuban and Nash won't be bickering by then, and Nash should be well-received. Nash might wonder why he didn't get a better offer from Cuban, though, when he sees his former owner giving a million bucks away to a complete stranger sometime this fall on The Benefactor.

December 14, 2004 - Knicks at Nets before the New Year looks pretty innocent on paper, but chances are Tim Thomas doesn't feel the same way. Thomas is still bitter over a flagrant foul by New Jersey's Jason Collins in last year's playoffs and has vowed revenge. Thomas never got a chance to deliver his payback in the playoffs and who knows if he'll cool down by the time this December meeting rolls around.

January 20, 2005 - Tracy McGrady heads back to Orlando to face his old team. If you're playing fantasy basketball and you can update your roster daily, I'd think about adding T-Mac right about this time of year. It wouldn't surprise anyone if he drops 40 or even 50+ against his former team. We'll also get a look at how Francis, Mobley, Dwight Howard and the young Magic are progressing.

February 13, 2005 - Kenyon Martin will lead the Nuggets against New Jersey. No bad blood, here, but it's always interesting to see a guy like K-Mart return to his old city. You've got to wonder if Jason Kidd will be still a New Jersey Net when this one rolls around.

March 15, 2005 - It's too bad we have to wait until the middle of March to see Carlos Boozer return to Cleveland, but better late than never, right? The city of Cleveland isn't going to forget. If Boozer were to wait five years before stepping foot in Gund Arena again, I'm willing to bet he'd get booed. It's going to be pretty ugly up there. Now, why isn't this game scheduled to be on national TV? To add to the interest factor, Lebron might be positioning the Cavs for a late-season playoff push.

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0 Toyota Motor 2013

Toyota Motor 2013
Toyota Motor has agreed to spend $1.1 billion to settle sweepingU.S. class-action litigation over claims that millions of its vehicles accelerate unintentionally, as the Japanese automaker seeks to move past the biggest safety crisis in its history.

Shares of Toyota rose nearly 3 percent in Tokyo following the news, with some investors saying the settlement removed one uncertainty for the company and looked manageable given its improving sales outlook and a weaker yen.

The proposed settlement will compensate customers for economic losses related to possible safety defects in Toyota vehicles, covering most of the litigation involving unintended acceleration, although it does not cover claims for wrongful death or injuries.

About 16 million Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles sold in the United States spanning the model years 1998 to 2010 are covered by the action, according to court filings made public on Wednesday. Thirty nameplates are affected, including the top-selling Toyota Camry midsize sedan and Corolla compact car.

Toyota,the No. 3 automaker in the U.S. market, admitted no fault in proposing the settlement, one of the largest of U.S. mass class-action

litigation in the automotive sector. "This was a difficult decision, especially since reliable scientific evidence and multiple independent evaluations have confirmed the safety of Toyota's electronic throttle control systems," Christopher Reynolds, general counsel for Toyota Motor Sales, USA, said in a statement.
"However,we concluded that turning the page on this legacy legal issue through the positive steps we are taking is in the best interests of the company,our employees, our dealers and, most of all, our customers."
The figure eclipses other settlements in the auto industry including Bridgestone$240 million payout to Ford Motor in 2005 over Ford's massive Firestone tire safety recall in 2001. Ford replaced 13 million Firestone tires, installed mostly as original equipment on the company's popular Explorer SUV, in one of the biggest recalls in U.S. history.

HagensBerman, the law firm representing Toyota owners who brought the lawsuit in 2010,issued a statement saying that the settlement was valued between $1.2 billion and $1.4 billion. In a memo filed in court, the lawyers said the settlement was "a landmark, if not a record, settlement in automobile defect class action litigation in the United States."

Toyota said it would take a one-time pretax charge of $1.1 billion to cover the costs.The company said it planned to book the charge as operating expenses in its October-December third quarter.
"This is positive, as it removes the factor that was the biggest concern when it came to lawsuits ... Because Toyota's absolute numbers are very big when it comes to profits, it's hardly going to have an impact," said Koji Endo, an autos analyst at Advanced Research in Tokyo.

Toyota may be able to offset costs with a rise in its profits as the yen weakens, headded. Toyota's operating profit increases by 35 billion yen for everyone-yen rise in the value of the dollar. The automaker has forecast an operating profit of 1.05 trillion yen ($12.3 billion) for the financial year ending in March 2013.
Toyota shares rose 2.7 percent, compared with a 1 percent rise in Japan's benchmark Nikkei index.

Lingering Effects
Toyota's recall of more than 10 million vehicles between 2009 and 2011 hurt the company's reputation for reliability and safety. The effect of the recalls on sales and loyalty remains "difficult to isolate,"IHS Automotive analyst Rebecca Lindland said.
"A lot of their growth through the early 2000s were first-time Toyota buyers,"she said. "Those are the people that were most vulnerable to saying,
'I'll never own a Toyota again.' The long term effects won't fully be realized until all of the cars that have been impacted by the recall have been retired."
(Read More: Toyota Sees Japan Sales Dropping 20% in 2013)
The biggest safety crisis in Toyota's history began to get public notice in August 2009 when an off-duty California Highway Patrol officer Mark Saylor and three members of his family were killed in a Lexus ES 350 that crashed at a high speed.

A separate lawsuit over the death of the Saylor family was settled out of court. A handful of wrongful death and personal injury cases are still pending, but the vast majority of the litigation over unintended acceleration will be finished if the proposed settlement is approved, said a person with knowledge of the remaining lawsuits who wished to remain anonymous.
Within a half year of the Saylor family crash, Toyota President Akio Toyoda and other company executives were questioned in a high-profile U.S.

Congressional hearing, and Toyoda made a public apology. Toyota maintained all along that its electronic throttle control system was not at fault, and reiterated that on Wednesday. It has blamed ill-fitting floor mats and sticky gas pedals for the problem.
A study by U.S. safety regulator the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and NASA found no link between the reports of unintended
acceleration and Toyota's electronic throttle control system.

Increasingly Common
The settlement, which must be approved by a California federal judge, includes direct payments to customers as well as the installation of a brake override system in more than 2.7 million vehicles, according to the settlement agreement filed in court.

The terms include a $250 million fund for former Toyota owners who sold vehicles at reduced prices and a separate $250 million fund for owners not eligible for the brake override system.
Attorneys for the plaintiffs are slated to receive up to $200 million in fees and$27 million in costs, according to court documents.Richard Cupp, a professor at Pepperdine University School of Law, said the settlement was large for the automotive sector but was dwarfed by other litigation involving economic loss claims. State cases against the tobacco industry,for instance, amounted to more than $200 billion.
"That could mean that lawsuits like these could become increasingly common, even where there is not provable physical injury on large scale," Cupp said.
The case is In re: Toyota Motor Corp. Unintended Acceleration Marketing, SalesPractices and Products Liability Litigation, U.S. District Court, Central District of California, No. 10-ml-02151.
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2 5 kinds of healthy foods for belly

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0 Miley Cyrus Introduces New Pup Penny Lane!

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus cuddles with one of her puppies while shopping for pet supplies on Monday (November 26) at Spot! in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old actress was joined by younger sister Noah, who held onto their new pup Penny Lane, and mom Tish at the store.

“@noahcyrus and Penny Lane. Our new addition to the Cyrus Family. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?” Tish tweeted with an adorable picture.

For her recent birthday, Miley‘s fans raised monies for Spot Rescue.

“Thank you to all my fans who donated to @starkeyhearing @spotrescuedogs for my birthday :) y’all topped it again best bday present by far!” she wrote in thanks.

15+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus at the pet store…
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1 Why Do I Get Chinese When I Click Login Facebook?

Q: Google search, click on Login to Facebook, window opens to some kind of displaced picture of oriental writing.
A: First, make sure you are actually at facebook.com. Instead of searching for the site, just enter the URL into your browser's address bar.
Secondly, it's possible your language setting was changed. Go to http://www.facebook.com/editaccount.php?language to set it back to English.
Is there a disadvantage to using the login with facebook widget on my site?
Q: I've got a new classifieds site and would like to use a login with facebook widget just to encourage more people to register since it's faster.Is there any downside to this? Do I get their emails to send them updates just like with manual registrations?
A: As Far as i Know there is no Downsides to it
Why cannt I login my facebook in my phone and youtube videos freaz and play?
Q: I havr the motorola Thriumph for motorola(virgin.Mobile)i try to login in facebook an it just says system error pleaze try again...and youtube videos pkay gor 3-5 secounds and stops an plays again for like 10 secounds and freases againPlZ Help!
A: The most likely reason is that Facebook is experiencing technical difficulties/ glitches and should be up and running shortly. Log out and wait a while before logging back in.
If the problem persists contact Facebook via phone; 650-543-4800
I've just tried to login to Facebook using Internet Explorer on my PC & got a security warning What is wrong?
Q: I've just tried to login to Facebook using Internet Explorer on my PC & got a security warning so tried via my Firefox browser and got a similar warning. Anyone know what is going on? Has Facebook security been compromised?
A: if it was on the internet browser just go back its a scam
If I changed my yahoo password and I use it to login to facebook then do I need to change my facebook ?
Q: Someone had accessed my yahoo contacts and has sent unsolicited emails so I changed my yahoo password. I use my yahoo password to login to facebook. So do I need to change my facebook password also ?
A: If the 2 sites Yahoo/Facebook had the same password
then you changed the Yahoo one
You would have to change the Facebook one also,as it
will be the same as before.
Have a good weekend
Who to play mafia wars without login in Facebook ?
Q: As facebook is locked in my office network I cannot play Mafia Wars. Is their any way I can play Mafia without login to facebook account?
A: No.. Work is for, well working.
If I delete my email that I use to login to Facebook?
Q: Can I still login to Facebook with the deleted email adress??
I tired updating my email, but it doesn't work. :
It keeps saying we have sent a confirmation email, but it's not there.
A: Of course you can, but you obviously won't be able to send a password reset email to it if you ever lose it. The email address is nothing more than your login name, so it doesn't matter if you deleted it or not.
Just out of curiosity, why would you not just update your email?
login to facebook, several emails show up when i start to type how do i make them not appear?
Q: when my dad goes to login to facebook, he starts typing and like all of my email addresses show up how do i remove them to automatically not be saved. i dont want him to know what my email address is.
A: Clear the cache of browser after using facebook and simply delete the temporary files from your pc. While log in facebook dont mark stay sign in or save passward.
What do you do when you lost your password to your facebook account and do not have access to that account?
Q: I tried doing what it said to do on the help page by emailing login@facebook.com, but this did not work for me....
A: On a login page there is usually a place where they ask this question. "Forgot your password" click here.
Then they send you the password to the e-mail addy you used when you registered.
If that, for some reason is NOT an option, contact the web admins or re-register all over again and write the PW into a little black book and keep it in a safe place, just for times like this one. LOL
What would cause logins to suddenly fail for only a couple of sites?
Q: My computer won't login to facebook or my company's site. It surfs fine other than that. I have reset security to default and deleted all offline internet files, cookies and history. Any ideas. Using Internet Explorer.
A: It probably has something to do with your cookies. Open Internet Explorer and click on the "tools" menu then on "Internet Options." Then click on the "Privacy" tab and then "Sites." Type in the URL of the site you are trying to log on to and click "allow."
Now go back to the "Privacy" tab and make sure your browser accepts all cookies.
If that still doesn't work, consider using a different browser. I recommend Firefox, but you can also use Google Chrome or Opera.

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0 How Do You Make The Peace Sign On Facebook?

Q: I've been wondering how to make a peace sign on facebook. My friend did it and she said she copied and pasted it from another person's status. I know I could copy and paste it on to Note Pad or something (which I've already done) But I just want 2 no how 2 do it quick and easy.....Alot of people are saying its: & #9774 But I tried it and it doesn't work! Please help!!! :)
A: Type that number in Microsoft Words. Then, copy and paste it. Hope that helps!
Why must I sign into Facebook to comment on Yahoo news?
Q: When I try to comment on an item, a box appears telling me to sign into Facebook. I have not joined Facebook, and have no intention to do so. I thought this was Yahoo news, not Facebook news. When these news items (the ones requiring Facebook) appear, I get a security warning.
A: For the people like us who don't give a peanut about Facebook or any other "social" website, the best thing to do here is ignore it all while you can. If they decide to force you into any of those in the future, then it would be time to change homepage, search and comments sites.
Are there any sites where you can sign into facebook?
Q: I know there are other sites where u can sign into aim and stuff but is there another site where you can sign into facebook?
A: facebook.com (for computers)
m.facebook.com (for phones with internet)
iphone.facebook.com (for the iphone)
how can i disable iphone facebook push notifications while i am signed into facebook on a computer?
Q: I have the iPhone Facebook app and I set it to send me push notifications because I find them useful. However, they are redundant if I am already signed into Facebook on my computer. Is there any way to disable the notifications only when I am signed in on a computer?
A: The only way is to turn off the Facebook push notification on the iPhone as there is no "Disable Push Notification When Im Online on other Medium" feature in the iPhone.
Cannot get my @ sign to work on my lg rumor touch phone when signing into facebook or myspace?
Q: I try to sign into facebook or myspace with my phone and the Fn button doesnt change to symbols from regular text so I cannot put the @ icon on my email to sign in.
How do I sign into facebook chat room?
Q: How do I sign into Facebook chat room?who will help me with the correct method?
A: go to http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=6479624997
and go to those aplication
How can I keep from being signed into Facebook chat?
Q: I keep getting signed into Facebook chat. I click on the button under my chat bar (the one that looks like a little gear) and uncheck "Available To Chat" -- but the next time I'm signed into Facebook it shows me as available again?
I don't like Facebook chat. Is there anyway to tell Facebook that I don't want to be "Available To Chat," ever?
A: instead of clicking "available to chat" - click "limit availability" to select which lists you want to be visible to
it will "remember" that setting
is it possible to be alerted via text when a certain person signs on facebook chat?
Q: is it possible to be alerted via text when a certain person signs on facebook chat?
A: Not really.
Why am I sometimes forced to go to facebook to comment on sites other than facebook?
Q: It is frustrating to me that I have to sign into facebook or other extraneous places to comment. I must look up my registration info half the time. Is to cut down on comments?
A: Now some site's are using facebook comment plugin. If you will comment on there site then you will get norfaction directly on your facebook account and when you will click on them then you will reach that site :)
Is there a way to track someone location when they sign into facebook?
Q: My sister recently left home, she's been gone for more than 48 hours now and we still haven't found her. she keeps constantly signing into Facebook to check her messages tho. Is there any way i can track her sign in location?
A: If a missing person report is filed and law enforcement feel it is warranted they can track the IP address. But as a civilian, no you can't. Same with mobile/cell phones.

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