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How Do You Make The Peace Sign On Facebook?

Q: I've been wondering how to make a peace sign on facebook. My friend did it and she said she copied and pasted it from another person's status. I know I could copy and paste it on to Note Pad or something (which I've already done) But I just want 2 no how 2 do it quick and easy.....Alot of people are saying its: & #9774 But I tried it and it doesn't work! Please help!!! :)
A: Type that number in Microsoft Words. Then, copy and paste it. Hope that helps!
Why must I sign into Facebook to comment on Yahoo news?
Q: When I try to comment on an item, a box appears telling me to sign into Facebook. I have not joined Facebook, and have no intention to do so. I thought this was Yahoo news, not Facebook news. When these news items (the ones requiring Facebook) appear, I get a security warning.
A: For the people like us who don't give a peanut about Facebook or any other "social" website, the best thing to do here is ignore it all while you can. If they decide to force you into any of those in the future, then it would be time to change homepage, search and comments sites.
Are there any sites where you can sign into facebook?
Q: I know there are other sites where u can sign into aim and stuff but is there another site where you can sign into facebook?
A: facebook.com (for computers)
m.facebook.com (for phones with internet)
iphone.facebook.com (for the iphone)
how can i disable iphone facebook push notifications while i am signed into facebook on a computer?
Q: I have the iPhone Facebook app and I set it to send me push notifications because I find them useful. However, they are redundant if I am already signed into Facebook on my computer. Is there any way to disable the notifications only when I am signed in on a computer?
A: The only way is to turn off the Facebook push notification on the iPhone as there is no "Disable Push Notification When Im Online on other Medium" feature in the iPhone.
Cannot get my @ sign to work on my lg rumor touch phone when signing into facebook or myspace?
Q: I try to sign into facebook or myspace with my phone and the Fn button doesnt change to symbols from regular text so I cannot put the @ icon on my email to sign in.
How do I sign into facebook chat room?
Q: How do I sign into Facebook chat room?who will help me with the correct method?
A: go to http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=6479624997
and go to those aplication
How can I keep from being signed into Facebook chat?
Q: I keep getting signed into Facebook chat. I click on the button under my chat bar (the one that looks like a little gear) and uncheck "Available To Chat" -- but the next time I'm signed into Facebook it shows me as available again?
I don't like Facebook chat. Is there anyway to tell Facebook that I don't want to be "Available To Chat," ever?
A: instead of clicking "available to chat" - click "limit availability" to select which lists you want to be visible to
it will "remember" that setting
is it possible to be alerted via text when a certain person signs on facebook chat?
Q: is it possible to be alerted via text when a certain person signs on facebook chat?
A: Not really.
Why am I sometimes forced to go to facebook to comment on sites other than facebook?
Q: It is frustrating to me that I have to sign into facebook or other extraneous places to comment. I must look up my registration info half the time. Is to cut down on comments?
A: Now some site's are using facebook comment plugin. If you will comment on there site then you will get norfaction directly on your facebook account and when you will click on them then you will reach that site :)
Is there a way to track someone location when they sign into facebook?
Q: My sister recently left home, she's been gone for more than 48 hours now and we still haven't found her. she keeps constantly signing into Facebook to check her messages tho. Is there any way i can track her sign in location?
A: If a missing person report is filed and law enforcement feel it is warranted they can track the IP address. But as a civilian, no you can't. Same with mobile/cell phones.

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