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Predators kicker Brontosaurus fossil found

A number of researchers in the United States has found a new type of dinosaur fossils. As proclaimed Newslite, not long ago, Brontomerus mcintoshiini a dinosaur that lived 110 million years ago or living in the era of the early Cretaceous. The discovery of fossils of these giant creatures performed at the dig site in Utah, USA.

14 meters-long dinosaur has a shape similar to herbivorous dinosaur Brontosaurus. However, this dinosaur has a special expertise, which is super kick until he could throw his enemies. Researchers concluded this charismatic dinosaur super kick due to the discovery of a strange form of hips. This dinosaur was nicknamed Thunder Thighs Thighs or The Giant.

This kick is used as a powerful weapon when carnivores like pounce. "Besides being used to fight to compete for females, the kick is also directed to the predators that are ready to eat it," said Mike Taylor heads the research team.


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