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how to earn money from your blog? part 1

There are various ways to make your blog into a blog who earn lot of money. one way to make money from blogs is by google adsense.maybe you frequently visit a few blogs that have ads from google.every click made by visitors to the ads on your blog, you'll get the money provided by google. therefore, required a large traffic of visitors to get a lot of money. author will discuss about how to create a blog that has a source of income.

1. google adsense

as described in the beginning, you can follow the program which is owned by google is google adsense. to participate in this program, your blog must have the requirements given by google like blogs should speak English and have a life of over three months. if your blog has been accepted by google, your big opportunity to get a lot of money from google. many people like you who make money from adsense google.google also makes it easy for you to display google ads to a variety of views. one of them with a video display google ads, of course the price of a video ad clicks are different from the ads with text display. you only concentrate to increase visitors to your blog.principle, the more visitors your blog means more clicks on the ads that happen. you also have to be careful not to cheat on google. you are forbidden to conduct their own click ads in your blog.

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