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5 trick to improve your pagerank

Looks like Google's PageRank is a term that is difficult to be understood by most bloggers are not yet fully understood. In fact, there may be some people in this world who really understand them, because Google keep a secret pagerank algorithm really guarded. If you want to hold or improve Google pagerank of a blog is not as easy as getting traffic of visitors. If it's easy, everyone would probably have a Google Page Rank 10. Here is a trick that can Increase Pagerank Blog.

1. Must Get Links from the Site in High Quality

Get links in to your blog from the Web site a very high quality with good traffic and blogs related to your blog topic. For example, if you write a blog about online business, get also a link from one blog site that the theme of an online business. If you can get more high quality links from popular sites, Google pagerank of your blog definitely will climb significantly.

2. Must Use SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization is an important part to enhance the Google page rank. Among is to select keywords that sell and unique content.

3. Must Write Original Content

Do not copy content from other sites. Even if you copy and re post the contents of a page into your blog, do not do it. Google's algorithms can distinguish between original and duplicate sites that Google ultimately will lower the ranking of both sites. Google to act harshly against any kind of scraping content, even if you really do not do it. Once your pagerank lowered, probably almost impossible to get it back.

4. Must Avoid blindly link

Many bloggers heard that it is very important to have a link in to increase their Google pagerank blog, so they started to leave comments everywhere are seporadis on other sites, participate in the exchange of links at random with anyone who is willing to participate, and so on. Remember, read the first points on this list, said Google's algorithm is concerned about the link quality, not quantity. In fact, the ranking of your pages can be lowered if your blog is considered nothing more than a collection of links.

5. Must Write Content That Qualified

If you write great content, people will point a link to your blog. Also a time to visit the popular blogger and website by leaving comments, write a guest book, participate in forums, email directly, add articles, and so forth. Build relationships with people who have high-quality sites will generate a link in to your blog grow regularly from time to time.


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