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Mac App Store has been officially released

Bufoli - Mac App Store has been officially released. Stores owned by Mac applications that were previously only available on other Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and this IPAD can now be enjoyed by Mac users. Shop Mac version application provides more than a thousand applications, whether paid or free.

Mac app Store is available along with software updates Mac OS X Snow Leopard. After performing the software update option on the menu, if you look at the detail of the update, it will show the updated OS X to version 10.6.6, and this update will include a Mac app Store.

Apple also has added the information about the Mac app Store is on the home page of apple. Mac app Store is just like the app Store on iPhone, iPod Touch and IPAD, where users can browse applications by category, such as games, productivity, music or other categories.

Users can also use the search facility to browse with more specific applications. There is also an explanation of the application developers and of course the star logo that shows the rating of the user. There will be a menu at the top to see the application categories such as featured apps, applications by popularity, category, data applications that have been purchased or downloaded. Menu update can also be found in this section.

You can simply download the application by clicking the icon 'buy' for paid applications and click on the icon 'free' to free applications, ease of installation also become one of the advantages offered by Apple, including also the facilities updated applications, as described on its Web site, users can view update applications that have been downloaded, do the updates for all applications or one by one. Apple also provides the facility redownload, where users can install applications that have been held in every Mac that belongs to the user.


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