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list of dofollow social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a service where we can submit our article with a system of mutual benefit between our blog with social bookmarking itself. In this post, I will write what the benefits of social bookmarking. Among the bloggers social bookmarking it is not taboo, they actually compete with other bloggers to get high traffic to their blog. let us learn more deeply what is the usefulness and benefits of social bookmarking.

Here are some benefits Submit articles to social bookmarking:

1. Articles will be quickly indexed by search engines

Social bookmarking is the place most often in the crawl or in the index by search engines. By submitting articles to social bookmarking us then indirectly article we are going fast in the know then the index by search engines.

2. Improving SERP

By submitting articles to social bookmarking then we will go up in the SERP. Why is that? due to the social bookmarking submit articles that will give us a backlink, so the more submit to social bookmarking, the more backlinks are obtained, with a record of the dofollow social bookmarking. Well, the explanation was then the ranking will improve our article on the SERP (search engine result pages).

3. Increasing Blog Visitor

By submitting articles to social bookmarking, then this article we will be promoted by social bookmarking, well there is a link to our blog, from where visitors will arrive. On the other hand, as described in Rule 3 of raising the SERP. With a good SERP position (on the first page) then the visitor will click on the particular search result on the first page.

4. PageRank (PR) will increase

Most of the social bookmarking site has a high PageRank, therefore, to submit our articles, we will be able backlinks (especially the dofollow). Thus site / blog we will increase its PageRank.

Here's a list of 60 DoFollow social bookmarking sites are also included his Pagerank:
1. http://slashdot.org (PR9)
2. http://digg.com (PR8)
3. http://technorati.com (PR8)
4. http://www.furl.net (PR7)
5. http://www.backflip.com (PR7)
6. http://www.hugg.com (PR7)
7. http://www.mixx.com (PR7)
8. http://ma.gnolia.com (PR7)
9. http://www.connotea.org (PR7)
10. http://mystuff.ask.com (PR7)
11. http://www.reddit.com (PR7)
12. http://www.dzone.com (PR7)
13. http://www.folkd.com (PR7)
14. http://multiply.com (PR7)
15. http://www.searchles.com (PR6)
16. http://de.lirio.us (PR6)
17. http://www.dotnetkicks.com (PR6)
18. http://www.bloghop.com (PR6)
19. http://www.plime.com (PR6)
20. http://www.bibsonomy.org (PR6)
21. http://www.clipclip.org (PR6)
22. http://linkagogo.com (PR6)
23. http://www.spurl.net (PR6)
24. http://www.zlitt.com (PR6)
25. http://www.indianpad.com (PR6)
26. http://www.tumblr.com (PR6)
27. http://www.myvmarks.com (PR5)
28. http://www.listible.com (PR5)
29. http://www.bringr.com (PR5)
30. http://faves.com (PR5)
31. http://www.linkinn.com (PR5)
32. http://spotback.com (PR5)
33. http://www.mylinkvault.com (PR5)
34. http://my.xilinus.com (PR5)
35. http://linkatopia.com (PR5)
36. http://www.bumpzee.com (PR5)
37. http://www.bookmarktracker.com (PR5)
38. http://www.healthranker.com (PR5)
39. http://www.a1-webmarks.com (PR4)
40. http://www.wirefan.com (PR4)
41. http://www.bmaccess.net (PR4)
42. http://blogmarks.net (PR4)
43. http://www.diigo.com (PR4)
44. http://www.oyax.com (PR4)
45. http://socialogs.com (PR4)
46. http://www.contentpop.com (PR3)
47. http://www.pixelmo.com (PR3)
48. http://www.memfrag.com (PR3)
49. http://getigadget.com (PR3)
50. http://www.jumptags.com (PR3)
51. http://www.plugim.com (PR3)
52. http://www.syncone.net (PR3)
53. http://postonfire.com (PR3)
54. http://www.business-planet.net (PR3)
55. http://www.hatedorloved.com (PR3)
56. http://www.bookmarks.com (PR3)
57. http://www.yattle.com (PR2)
58. http://www.kapely.net (PR2)
59. http://www.givealink.org (PR2)
60. http://totagit.com (PR2)


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