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5 ways to make the blog as a field money

In modern times now, the blog is one content management system (CMS) are most easily managed. Because of its simplicity, the blog becomes a very cheap goods alias does not require people who are experts in the field of web to manage it. Blog content is also the easiest website is updated. Because of this simplicity, an article in a new blog kept so well-liked by search engines. Not surprisingly, this time we are looking for something through a search engine then the result that we get the majority of referring to the blog.

If we observe that there are blogs blogs in cyberspace then we will see a link 'special' from one blog to another blog that although both the blog owner did not know each other. Why that happens? Because the blog has a feature called a blogroll or link list. Blog owners who want a well-known blogs will make exchanging links with blogs that are well-known first. Similarly, if there is a very popular blog by a blog owner then he will put the blog link on his blog. So, from one blog to another blog that there is a very good network in terms of marketing.

Besides being a powerful weapon for the internet marketer, blogs can also be used as a livelihood. Blogs that traffic and page rank was good we can use to obtain a sizable income.
Here are 5 ways to make the blog as a field money:

1. Use a blog as a place selling product. Please attach your goods or services that you sell through the blog. His writings can be announcements, reviews, or testimonials about a product you sell.

2. You do not have products to sell? Do not worry, you can register your blog on joint marketing programs or affiliate program. Some examples of the web that provide this program include www.clickbank.com, www.linkshare.com and www.paydotcom.com. Once your registration is accepted, you will get an affiliate link which you can promote on the blog. You will receive an affiliate commission in accordance with the contract once you successfully sell something through your blog. Advantages, you can join the program as many times as you want. So, more and more affiliate programs that you follow the income you will receive is also larger.

3. Integrate PPC (pay per click) on your blog. You will be paid each display ads that are clicked by a visitor to your blog. The amount paid terggantung of traffic, and the page rank of your blog. Thus, the higher the traffic visitors to your blog then chances are your visitors to click on ads will be even greater so that your income from PPC programs will also increase.

4. Find sponsors. If you want a larger income and must, make your blog into a good quality and useful articles. When you have earned at least 50,000 visitors per month, you can offer your blog to the advertiser. Advertising rates can you set yourself in accordance with the current condition of your blog. As an early stage should not be too expensive first, then after a lot of advertisers who want to put ads on your blog, you raise the price.

5. When the reputation of your blog is already qualified as I mentioned above, you can sell links to other web owners. The link you are selling can be the name of the website or certain words in writing your blog. Service providers selling the famous links are Text Link Ads (ref). Blog with a high unique visitor and page rank is quite a blog that is highly sought after by a webmaster to improve the quality of the links on the web.


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