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Is It Possible To Hack A Facebook Account?

Q: So ok, i know that this question was asked so many times and most of the people will think is stupid but i really need to know my sisters facebook account pasword. I don't need it to do messy things with her life i just want to read the conversation between her and a boy i think she is dating. So that is not important, dont suggest me keylogging cause we are using different laptops and i dont have acces to hers. Please tell me is it possible.
A: Yes it is definitely possible, there is a lot of software you can use to hack into almost any account! Although chances are her password is nothing complicated. Passwords are one thing that most people do not put much effort into creating.
How to delete a facebook account i no longer have essence to?
Q: I Forget the password to my old account and i forgot the pasword to my old email and its not letting me delete it. also same problem with myspace i cant get delte it because i dont have my passsword to the yahoo account for that certain myspace page how do i get into my old yahoo account.!!!
A: Recover your Facebook account.
Here's the link : https://www.facebook.com/recover.php
Do and follow the steps on it. You should be able to get your password back if you enter your correct information.
Once you get your account back, do these steps to delete your account :
1] Go to Account
2] Go on Account Setting
3] Deactivate account
4] Then Delete It.
Hope this helps. Good luck! :]
How does one report their facebook account being hacked into?
Q: One of my friends broke up with her boyfriend. The guy decided to log into her facebook and upload some "personal" pics of her. She tried logging in to delete them but she found that the pasword was changed. She tried clicking that she forgot her pasword but aparently the email address was changed too
A: Contact facebook and tell them what going and they'll probably do something. Her boyfriend is a mean jerk.
How do I get rid of a false facebook account that I didnt make?
Q: I just made a facebook account and one of the first thing that comes up is "people you may know". The first person on the list is me. It has a picture of me but i did not make it. I have no account username or pasword to get into that acount and delete it. What should i do?
A: report, report, and report.
How can i get a facebook profile deleted that i do not use and do not want to be up?
Q: I created a facebook a few years ago. i made a new one after forgetting the pasword that i now use. i would like to get the old one it deleted, but i cannot even remember the password or email i used to sign up for it. any help would be appreciated.
How long does it take to get Facebook password reset?
Q: I opened a Facebook account last night and when I tried to login this morning it said my password was invalid. So I clicked "forgot your password?" to have a new one sent to my email. It said there may be a short delay but it's been all day and I still haven't gotten an email with the new pasword. Does anyone know how long it takes?? Thanks!!
A: I think if you net is working very fine so it will take just 2 minute to reset. If you know the whole process of resetting password so it won't take more than 2 minutes.
is there a way to delete an old facebook account i forget the email to?
Q: i made a facebook a while back that had some uncharacteristic posts and its causing me problems now. i want to delete it but i don't remember my pasword or the email i used. is there a way to still have it delited?
A: No, you need your e-mail address and your Facebook password in order to delete your account. This guide will show you how to delete your account on Facebook:
Good luck!
How can you find out somones pasword on facebook?
Q: is it possible?
A: no, unless like they tell you, or someone sees it and tells you or you look at it.
How does my school view my private profile on facebook?
Q: It is not just me, its all my classmates. After most of us deleted the school as a network from our profiles, friends and even after we blocked them and placed almost every setting possible on private they were still able to view our wall to wall information which was private between all of my classmates. Is there a program they use?
A: This is very easy. Do you use your e-mail or Facebook on a school computer? If you do the school has a simple capture program. What a capture program does is it records your entire key stroke, once you repeat something over and over, this is assumed to be a password. It is even easier once they see you typing in your Facebook or email address into the compute and then writing words and number.
A few simple rules to keep your information away from others
1) Never access your e-mail from a school or work computer
2) Never connect you MP3, IPod, or digital devise to a computer that is not your own. Once your devise is connected that computer has all the access to your information on that devises.
3) Avoid using wireless as much as possible. Wireless even secured wireless is open to almost anyone
4) Be extremely careful who you friend on Facebook or another social website. At the school I worked at a student friended a teacher. You say I don't friend teachers, but that student had another friend who posted a picture of herself smoking a joint. The girl who friend was a teacher saw the picture on the other girls page and comments on it and the comment and the picture in turn was seen by the teacher, the girl was expelled. Often it not your friend, but your friends, friend's who get you in trouble. To solve this problem, look at your friend, friendâs facebook profile and see who their friends are. If possible see their friendâs friendâs. This is very time consuming, but it one of the few ways you can be safe.
5) Finally make passwords that are hard to solve;
A good one is the YY(of your birth)YYYY(of your high school graduation) the first letter of your pets name, the number of letters in your friends full name, the name first two letter of your friends street, and the two middle number of your social, a capital letter, and symbol like the $ sign. THIS IS ALL ONE PASSWORD, NOT A FEW OPTION SO IT LOOK SOMETHING LIKE THIS
I hope this help you,
Philly Guy.
How do i get my pasword on facebook?
A: Your question is very vague.
Please add more information in Additional Details and I'll try to help you out.

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