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How To Upload Pictures And Videos On To Facebook Via The Samsung Strive?

Q: Okay
, so I have the Samsung Strive, I have internet but i cannot figure out how to put images to Facebook.
Please help.
A: You can insert the photos & videos to a new e-mail message finally send it to this e-mail from your phone :-) (means231resist@m.facebook.com)
How do I fix the issue of images not appearing on facebook only a "Red X' and a little paint box shows up?
Q: Internet Explorer, Chrome, & AOL are not showing all images on Facebook. I've cleared cookies, and caches. I don't know what the issue could be.
A: do you have to connect using AOL? that could be the problem
you also may want to try getting all the recent updates for your computer
How can I get a screenshot of a facebook page and a blog into a powerpoint presentation?
Q: I'm working on a marketing presentation and need to get images from facebook and a blog into the slides. Any help would be hugely appreciated!
Thanks - and thanks for the legal advice, never thought of it (duh, should've.)
A: Alt-prtscn or ctrl-prtscn to put it to the buffer, and then paste it into PowerPoint. However, what you propose is illegal unless you have facebook's permission to use their content.
How shoudl I do to have a image turns up when you share my site on facebook?
Q: What I mean is, whenever you share my website on Facebook, a Twitter or Facebook image turns up beside it. Because I have my Facebook images at the end of the page. Are you able to add a code towards the page so it shows the image on Facebook?
A: thats weird, never heard of that before.
How to change my image in the facebook?
Q: How to change my image in the facebook?
A: Hi pal,
This is how you change your image on facebook -
1.Log into your account.
2.On the Top left panel on your screen,there is your name diplayed with your current picture.Just under it,there is also an option ' edit profile'.Click on it.
3.Now you see an array of options in the left panel of your screen.Click the second option,that is profile picture.After that,enter the location of your image after clicking "browse" button.
4.Find your picture's location and then click open.
5.Then on facebook,click apply or click ok.
Hope this helps.
How to paste one image on top of another on paint/any website that can do that.?
Q: I'm trying to create an image for Facebook and I can't put a picture on top of another. Suggestions?
A: http://pixlr.com/editor/
Layers and layer masks - all online.
Where can i find more of these funny pictures?
Q: http://apps.rockyou.com/images/facebook/apps/superwall/2008_01_28_retards.jpg
When i say "more of" i mean the same layout and funny captions. Theyre obviously made by the same person/people.
Ah i see.
A: http://my.mmoabc.com/article/knockout/1868.html?login=no
They're not all made by the same person.
Just Google: 'Motivationals' and you'll have some fun.
how to view deleted images from facebook?
Q: hi, I always hear the phrase " once you post it on online, you cant take it down." if this is true how would i view an image from facebook that was deleted. Is there any way to do this?
A: No, Facebook deletes them so it's 'deleted' off your Facebook account but Facebook keeps it in their system so it still exsists. But you cannot find it unless your a hacker.
My pictures shrink when I put them on Facebook?
Q: Whenever I put pictures up on Facebook, they shrink to a smaller size. I think it's because my original pictures are too big, but is there another reason? I have a Fujifilm Finepix S1000FD if that helps (10 mega pixels).
Is there any way I can put the full size image on Facebook? If not, is there any way I can at least put a bigger image on Facebook?
A: you're pics are too big, in dimensions.. resize them and go! ;)
How to report a picture on facebook?
Q: I need to know how to report an image posted on facebook so that it is removed imminently.
A: I think it can help.

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