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How Can I Delete My Profile Pictures From Facebook?

Q: I know how to delete the profil photo but it won't be deleted completely, there's still a photo album with all the profile pictures I've ever had on my page. How can I delete that photo album?
A: You have to open and delete all the pics one by one
its not a good way but i cant find any better as there is no 'Delete the album' button on Facebook
How do I confirm a friend in a school network on Facebook?
Q: I want to confirm my friend into a school on Facebook but I have no idea how. Could anyone tell me how?
A: if he sent you a friend request, there should be written "confirm" and "ignore" under it. you click confirm.
if not, you just send him a friend request (click add as friend under his profil).
How do I add my intrests to Facebook?
Q: I'm doing it from facebook mobile. Facebook changed so much since the last time I was on there. How do I add the music, movies etc on there? And how do I add where I'm from?? Basically all info regarding myself?
A: Hi.
First click http://m.facebook.com
Then login using your facebook account,then click PROFIL,then click INFO,Set there.
What should I do when I feel that my best friend is WAY better than me?
Q: Shes super pretty, gets Straight A's (I get B's) gets all the guys (I've never had a boyfriend) she is involoved in musical theatre and 2 sports.
The thing is, I added a profil epic on facebook of us, and this guy commented with d amn emma (my friend) you look so fine ;) and i guess you could say that I *am* jealous of her since she seems so perfect.
A: Figure out why you want all that attention from guys, anyways.
If you want better grades, work for them.
If you want to be involved in clubs, do it.
But life isn't a competition, so it's a waste of time to be comparing yourself to someone who was born differently than you were.
And Facebook isn't real life. People post a bunch of pictures on there, and put up an act. I think you should turn off your computer.
How to get an IP adress from Facebook?
Q: My friends facebook keeps being copied. All her pictures and everything. We keep reporting it to Facebook and the profils keep getting taken down. Then a new one appears. How could i track down the IP address to find out who is doing it? Is it possible. This weird person is talking to evceryone pretending to be her... Its sooo creepy.
So you have to apply to ISP to track it down?
How do I change my picture (the one with the exclamation point) and put my own?
Q: I hate this picture. It drives me mad!!!! How do I put my own? I tried, and when I go to my profil, there's my picture that I put, but when I answer questions I see that there's still that fucking picture!! Help!?
A: Log out then log in again, not sure why but it has worked for some.
Go here , http://profile.yahoo.com top center put the arrow on your avatar, click change picture.
From there you can upload a image from your computer or import a picture from facebook. When finished click submit on the next page.
Go here to make a Yahoo Avatar. http://avatars.yahoo.com/
Yahoo Tutorial - http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?locale=enâ¦
If you want a custom avatar go to one of these sites and make a custom avatar, save it to your computer and upload it as a picture.
http://home.mywebface.com/hp2/ ** http://www.voki.com/
How do you guys use facebook?
Q: I clicked on some yearbook thing.. and it said allow or don't allow.. i clicked on dont allow.. and it still showed .. i have 10 dreidt.. I DONT want that to be there. how do i get rid of the criedits? Also it shows on the left of my home page.. i still have it. its confusing.
& how do i move some pictures from my profil picrure to another album?!
Thanks. [:
In may payments.. i have 10 credits.
Do scams sent through facebook chat show on the persons chat to?
Q: Someone just sent me a "creeper tracker pro" IM/chat
and I know this is a scam, Idk how to reply to it...Im just wondering since the chat came from her profil,e does it show up that they IMED me?
They have like imed me 4 scam links already..
A: not entirely sure, notify your friend though to change their password and advise them of not just clicking away at "ads"
How to change privacy setting of one particular profil picture on facebook but not the whole album>?
A: Go to privacy settings under the account tab. Underneath the chart, there should be a link that says "Customize settings" Then there should be a link under "Things I share" that says "Edit privacy settings" go to the tab for your profile pictures, click "Custom" and find the "only me" tab.
I answered some questions on facebookabout my profile like my birthyear,i want to take it off and correct the?
Q: Iwant to correct somethings on facebook profile
IL wand to take the year i was born offof my profile
A: Just go on your profile and press a button called "Change my Account/Profil".
You can reset your birthdate very quickly and easily.
Greetings The Freak

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