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How Can I Set Facebook To Never Show Me Someone?

Q: There are a handful of people that I would like to never see on facebook. How can I set facebook to never display someone as a suggested friend and not see any of their posts on my friends walls? I am talking about people that I am NOT friends with on facebook.
A: Go to their page and on the left (you might have to scroll down to see it ) there's a block this person text link. Click this to block them. It works on friends and non-friends.
How do I set facebook as my home page on windows 7?
Q: What do i do to set facebook as my home page
A: This guide will show you how to set Facebook as your home page:
Good luck!
How do you set facebook to pirate theme?
Q: Some of my friends have set their Facebook to pirate theme. How can I do that? I want to.
A: facebook>account> language
How do I set my facebook profile with nothing except "write on my wall"?
Q: I have seen other profiles of my own friends that have their profiles set with only the "write on my wall" app. There is also the profile picture and banner, but nothing else besides the "write on my wall app" and those things. Does anybody know how to set facebook this way? And if there is no way to do it with facebook does anybody know any ways around it? (i.e. downloads)
How can I set my privacy setting on facebook so that people are not allowed to tag me?
Q: Facebook have been upgraded and I'm searching for this setting in facebook. I can delete the tagged posts from my wall but I want to know that how can I set my facebook privacy setting in such a way so that my friends couldn't tag me in their posts. Best Answer would be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.
A: 1.Log in to your Facebook account and click the "Account" tab on the upper-right corner of the window.
2.Click the "Privacy Settings" option from the drop-down menu and then click the "Customize settings" link.
3.Click the "Edit Settings" tab displayed beside where it says "Photos and videos you're tagged in." This is located in the "Things others share" section.
4.Click the "Friends Only" tab displayed in the pop-up box that says "Photos and videos I'm tagged in" and the click "Customize" from the drop-down menu.
5.Click the drop-down menu displayed beside where it says "These people" on the "Custom Privacy" box. Click the "Only Me" option from the drop-down menu. Thereafter click the "Save Setting" to save the changes. This setting will keep other people from viewing the pictures that you have been tagged in. This is the only way to control tagged pictures.
How do i set facebook settings so anyone can like my profile picture?
Q: This girl, who I have mutual friends with, I'm not facebook friends with her, but can still like her profile pictures, and comment on them too. How can i set my facebook like that?
I'm over 18.
A: it depends on how old you are - are you over 18?
how are you sure that your non-friends cant like your profile pictures? did you confirm that by asking a non-friend? if you are over 18, it's automatically like that unless you restrict it otherwise under privacy settings
Can you upload a picture to facebook by sending it in a text message?
Q: I just have texting on my phone, no internet. I just set Facebook up so that I can send text messages and stuff to update my status and what-not. So, I am wondering if I can upload a picture or not.
Adrian- has this worked for you? I just tried it and nothing has appeared for me on my home page or profile.
A: You have to send it to your personal upload email address. it can be found on the mobile page of the site
If your phone doesn't allow you to send texts to email addresses then your only option would be to connect your phone to your computer with a usb
Is there a way to set Facebook to default to showing the live News Feed?
Q: Right now, when I sign in to Facebook, it defaults to displaying the status updates. I'd like it to default to showing the live News Feed? Is there a way I can set up Facebook to default to the News Feed?
A: Unfortunately no, not at this time.
How do you set your Facebook privacy settings?
Q: I want to set my Facebook privacy settings so that the people who aren't my friends can't see my profile. How do you do this?
A: On any Facebook page, the bar at the very top of the page has a down arrow on the far right side. Click that arrow. The second option down is "Privacy Settings." From this page, you can change as many of the privacy settings as you want. I'd recommend setting the default privacy to "Friends" restricting access to just your friends. There are a lot of privacy settings, but you can play around for what suits you the best.
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How do I set my facebook completely invisible even to friends?
Q: Im not going to be online for a while and i want to set my facebook completely invisible so i wont be backed up on wall post and messeges ect...So is there a way i can just disappear/invisible my whole profile while im gone?
A: You can deactivate your account for limited time and then reactivate it.

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