BUFOLI: My Facebook Account Was Deactivated. I Have Emailed Facebook And No Response, How Do I Reactivate? My Facebook Account Was Deactivated. I Have Emailed Facebook And No Response, How Do I Reactivate? | BUFOLI

My Facebook Account Was Deactivated. I Have Emailed Facebook And No Response, How Do I Reactivate?

Q: Ihave emailed Facebook several times and get no response. I had never got a warning rhat I had violated any terms. I want my account back
A: who deactivated it? was it you or someone else.to get it back:
type in your e-mail and password
you'll get a confirmation e-mail from Facbook to reactivate your account
click on that link and you're done.
next time don't tell anyone your password,and make another while you're at it.
how do i email facebook about not knowing my security questions for logining in?
Q: I got a new computer program so now facebook is making me to go through security check and it asks me my security questions but i dnt no the answers to them so i was wondering how can i email facebook about it
A: .
Is there a way I can email facebook?
Q: I made a page on facebook. And I have 3 other admins but they aren't active and they aren't very good. Anyways it says I need a password but it's not working. So I was just gonna email facebook and see if they could remove them or give me a new password.
How can I get my facebook account back thats disabled?
Q: I don't think I didn't do anything wrong to have my account disabled.
Is there a link that I could email facebook asking to activate my account or is there any other way?
A: If your account has been disabled for security reasons or due to a violation of Facebook√Ęs Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, you may need to contact them to regain access to your account.
Any way to contact facebook through email or something?
Q: I made an account on facebook a while ago, like last year. And today i made another facebook for internet friends. And then I tried to log into my old and original facebook and it was disabled. I didn't recieve an email or anythign and it will not let me back in. Can I email facebook and as them to re-open it? Is there any way I can get my account back?
A: How to Contact Facebook - http://thesocialmediaguide.com.au/2010/07/19/how-to-contact-facebook/
How do i get my personalized email from facebook to upload pictures mobily?
Q: How do i get my personalized email from facebook to upload pictures mobily with a phone that doesn't have internet??
A: you Cant Get it without accessing the Internet Not possible Even if you did have it you would have to have internet access to send it sending emails count as internet
How to get a new confirmation email from facebook?
Q: I recently opened a facebook account and I must have deleted some confirmation email from facebook. Now my account exists but I can't log in because it is asking me for the confirmation code or something an I don't have it. What way I can get a new one so I activate my account properly?
A: Do you have a Spam folder in your email? The confirmation email may have gotten delivered there.
I removed my email address from my facebook account, and now I can't log on. How can I fix this?
Q: A couple days ago I accidentally removed my email address from my facebook account. Now when I try to log on, it says that my email address is not associated with a profile and that it has recently been removed from a profile. I tried emailing facebook customer support and they tell me that they can't answer questions from email addresses not registered to an account. What am I supposed to do to recover my account?
A: dang that sucks idk
you woudnt really want to start all over again but you could just create another account with an email and then email facebook?
or if you were willing to start all over you could find your old acc and send freind requests to all of your freinds
you might be able to recover your acc with your old email
srry thats all i got
How can my band make a facebook music page?
Q: I can only set up a public figure profile, not a musician page. I emailed facebook and they replied with a link - which had me set up a public figure profile, NOT a musician page. I work with AUDRA HARDT, who has tons of music online (itunes, amazon) and an account and profile on iLIKE - which is a facebook application. Please help!
A: Facebook is not like MySpace ... you can't set your profile on a Musician mode... However, you can make a a public profile on Facebook and then create a Page and a Group on Facebook but you have to sign up first..
Create a page :
To create a page click on this link, after you sign in to your Facebook:
Create a Group
To Create a group click on this link after you sign in:
Hope I Helped!
Good Luck!
How do I get my facebook URL set back to default?
Q: I left my facebook logged into a public computer and someone changed my URL to something offensive. I'd like to change it back but you can only change it once and whenever I email facebook email addresses that I found on the site I get automated responses directing me to their help page. Does anyone know a facebook email address that will actually respond, or a way to fix this problem? Thanks!
A: Go through the whole process and be cool.

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