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How To Make My Last Name On Facebook Start With A Lowercase Letter?

Q: My last name is von Bergmann (very German). Whenever I enter my name on facebook, it makes the von capitalized. Instead of von Bergmann, it makes it Von Bergmann. Does anyone know how to keep the v in von lowercase? Thanks!!!
A: Facebook does not support starting with lowercase for name.
How do I change my name on FaceBook after I've exceeded the maximum number of name changes?
Q: I've changed my name on facebook so many times that it won't let me change it anymore. I was hoping there would be some sort of hack/glitch or something I could you to change it again? The best answer will receive a reward of 10 points! Thanks, guys!
A: Deactivate u account then put back
Reply to em
How long does it usually take to change a name on facebook?
Q: I changed my name on facebook, and they said they're "confirming the request". It's been almost a week now. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?
A: I don't Know
I am changing my name to and still waiting for it to happen
it's been 3 days now
How can i block a person from searching my name in facebook?
Q: How can i block selected people from searching my name in facebook search? - *as in when they type in my name in the search bar, it wont come up.* --- but still not remove my name from everyone elses searches?
A: You can achieve that by blocking that person. This guide will show you how to block someone on Facebook:
Good luck!
What should I name my facebook photo album from seventh grade?
Q: I'm in seventh grade and need a little help thinking of what to name a Facebook album of pictures of me and friends I've taken throughout this school year. I want the title to have something to do with seventh grade. Any ideas?
A: i would call it: seventh grade :D
How do you delete previously used names from facebook?
Q: I tried changing my name on facebook, but it said I have reached my limit. (I know what that means, I'm not stupid) I was wondering if there was possibly any hidden way to delete the previously used names so I can change it? I dont want any smart ass answers, they will be deleted.
I don't mean my login email, I mean my name.
A: Try bypassing it with your cell. What you do is you log in at http://m.facebook.com/ , go to "settings," click "account," and change that name! Hope this works for you.
How do I keep google from publishing things I've said in facebook groups?
Q: when I search for my name, facebook groups come up and so does my comment. how do I get rid of this?
Nothing bad comes up, I just don't want work places or places I apply to see that I have a facebook. I've changed my facebook name and made everything completely private as well as removing all groups, but they still come up.
A: Don't say anything on Facebook you don't want on Google.
How do I change my name on facebook?
Q: I am trying to change my display name on facebook but I can't find a way to do it. Do you know how to change your display name on facebook? Thank you in advance.
A: you go to the same drop down menu that you log out on and click account settings and it will tay ur name and click change name on the rite but dont change it too much it limits how many times u change so dont make it stupid
How do i get rid of the network thing under my name on facebook?
Q: When you search my name on facebook, below it you see the network im on. I want to find out how to get rid of it because i'm not a part of it anymore but i have to stay on the network because i joined groups through that and apparently itll erase them if i leave that network.
so how do i get rid of the network under my name when you search me?
A: top right ; click settings (accoutn settings actually. the second tab will be networks. simply choose your next network. answer mine ?
What are some symbols that you could put in your name on facebook?
Q: i need some new symbols 2 put in my name 4 facebook.. but only a few symbols r allowed 4 facebook names. can u show me some?
A: do this...

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