BUFOLI: How Can I Do To Delete My Abount Facebook On My Phone And Make A New Account Facebook For Me ? How Can I Do To Delete My Abount Facebook On My Phone And Make A New Account Facebook For Me ? | BUFOLI

How Can I Do To Delete My Abount Facebook On My Phone And Make A New Account Facebook For Me ?

Q: How Can I do to delete my account facebook on my phone and make a new account facebook for me
A: I would like to help you, but your question is a little "vague!" You need to be more "descriptive!"
We are night life promotion group, want to start with such as email accounts, facebook accounts?
Q: I'm curious to know, where the heck i should start...? such as email accounts, facebook accounts, and account maintenance?
A: Yes, Facebook is a social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. Users can add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. Additionally, users can join networks organized by city, workplace, and school or college.
The website currently has more than 400 million active users worldwide, and offers a splendid opportunity for viral marketing.
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How do I completely hide the fact that I have a Facebook account?
Q: I've set all the privacy settings to friends only - and yet searches from other Facebook accounts reveal my blank home page.
I want it so that searches do not reveal the fact that I have an account.
Facebook design is so annoying!
A: http://abrax.us/Facebook/NotSearchable.php
How to make a Facebook group page the timeline style?
Q: I have my own account on Facebook but I also created a group page. Is there any way to make that group page updated to the new timeline style Facebook has, not my account/facebook page, the group page I administrate?
A: there is no option for that yet
How do I change my business account to a personal account on Facebook ?
Q: I have a business account on facebook but i dont work for that company any more. How can I change this business page to my personal page. Is there a way to have two accounts registered to my email so I can keep the business account AND have a personal account ?
A: There is a way to have two facebook accounts, one for the personal and one for the business (my friend did that). For the business, she didn't add her friends but for her personal facebook, she does add people that she knows
Can you switch a phone number to a different account on facebook?
Q: Soo my best friend is using my phone number for her account on facebook to verify it, but now my accounts about to get deleted and she doesnt need my number anymore, and i was wondering if there was some way to switch the number to my account so i could keep it? Because it says i cant since its connected to her's so i wanna switch it to mine.
A: no, once a phone number is used to verify an account, that phone number can never be used to verify another account - facebook does this to prevent people from breaking the rules by creating more than one account
How do you make an artist account on facebook without a personal account?
Q: I've tried making artist pages on facebook for myself but I've heard that you must have a personal account on facebook first. But is it possible for me to create just a page and log into that page alone instead of having a personal facebook?
A: Try making a personal account, then make your artist account, and delete your personal account. I don't know if that will work or not.
How can I create an account in Facebook without giving my number?
Q: Im triying to create an account in facebook but after I put all my information it ask me for my telephone number to send me a code there is any way to skip this or not doing this please? THANKS !
A: You don't have to give that info, just skip it, you can.
How do i create an account on facebook ?
Q: i am trying to create an account on facebook but it always says a confirmation mail will be sent to my id.
A: Check out your mail and check the link in that mail, after clicking on that link you can make an account on facebook.
How to you undo memorialization of an account on Facebook?
Q: My friend thought it would be a funny prank to memorialize my account on Facebook. The joke became very frustrating as I can't access my account any more. I have tried contacting Facebook explaining the problem but no one has responded yet. Is there anything I can do to get my profile back?
A: How do I contact Facebook support?
To find support, visit the Help Center. You'll find information to resolve an issue yourself or learn how to get in touch with our team.
Here are some tips to get started:
1.Search the Help Center. We've got lots of help articles, so using search can often be the quickest way to find what you're looking for.
2.Browse help topics to find help:
â Facebook Basics: You'll find articles about getting started, managing your account and using all of Facebook's core features.
â Trouble Using Facebook: If you're having a technical issue, come here to find troubleshooting info.
â Report Abuse or Policy Violations: See something abusive that you want to report? Find out how to do that in this section.
â Safety Center: Read about staying safe online.
â Ads and Business Solutions: Learn how to build a presence for your brand on Facebook.
3.Get help from other people who use Facebook by visiting the Community Forum.
4.Use the games and apps help portal to get help with specific apps that you use.
5.Give us suggestions. We want to hear your feedback about how we can improve Facebook!
Facebook Help Center

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