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How Will A 4G Unlocked Smartphone Work On Tmobile's Network?

Q. Im planning to buy a 4g unlocked smartphone from at&t's lineup to have it on my tmobile plan. Ive heard that i wont recieve 4G coverage due to the different "bands" the two networks run on. Is there a solution for this.
A. The only solution is to get a 4G phone which supports 1700MHz and 1900MHz some places. AT&T phone will not get 4G on T-Mobile as they've different 4G bands. If you need any 4G smartphone for T-Mobile without contract / unlocked, you can mail me to manchurianp@yahoo.com
Can you get a smartphone without a smartphone plan at Alltel now that Alltel is basically Verizon?
Q. I am somewhat planning to buy a smartphone on eBay or at retail pricing and then activating it on my basic plan. Is this possible now? Will it remain possible once Alltel becomes Verizon? How do I do this, just buy the phone, activate it online/over phone?
A. alltel customer's are staying on alltel plans until they decide to upgrade their plans, at which point they will have to change to a verizon nationwide plan. all smartphones do require a data plan, which start at $29.99.
Is there a smartphone that will connect to the internet without a data subscription?
Q. Looking to buy a smartphone or blackberry that i can check my email or browse the internet using just WIFI, without paying for a voice/data plan from Verizon. Is there a phone that will do this ?
A. If you'd like a Nokia check N-series phones like the N93, N95, N80, or E-series like E51. Sony Ericsson has the P1, and BlackBerry has the Curve 8320. If you'd like a windows mobile smartphone, check out the HTC P3600 or HTC touch. All those phones have wifi for mobile internet / email.
What is the best smartphone offered for verizon customers that is affordable?
Q. I'm looking to purchase a good but affordable smartphone one with good sound and easy to understand. I have verizon and would like to continue with verizon
A. best smartphones by verizon:
iphone 4s
iphone 4
droid bionic
droid 3
htc thunderbolt
blackberry curve 3g 9330
lg revolution
droid x2
blackberry bold 9650
samsung fascinate
htc droid incredible
Is it cheaper to own a regular cell phone than to own a smartphone?
Q. I want to get a smartphone, but my parents won't let me get one because of internet fees. I disagree with them. So is it cheaper to get one?
A. I'm assuming the "regular" cell phone would be a contract-phone too so...
Cell companies typically do charge more to access the internet on a smartphone and most likely, you will use more data. I don't know what carrier you are looking at, so I can personalize these fees. Sorry to say, but you get what you pay for.
Is it possible to purchase a smartphone without a data plan at Alltel?
Q. I want to purchase a smartphone (not a Blackberry) off of eBay. I do not plan on upgrading to a data plan. Is it possible to activate the smartphone on the plan I already have? I am at Alltel.
A. You can just buy a retail version of a smartphone you would like. A retail version means that the phone did not come from a Network Service Provider; like if you buy it in an Authorized Reseller. Once you have the phone, you can just put your SIM Card in and the contract/plan/service will apply in your phone.
Take note though that Alltel is, I believe, using CDMA technology not the popular GSM. This means that you need to buy a CDMA Smartphone; don't worry, you can just ask your seller if the phone is GSM or CDMA.
One more thing. You mentioned eBay? Well, I just wanna point out that you are risking your good money if you will buy from eBay. People there display images of real original versions of cellphones whilst when you receive your phone, it will be a china counterfeit (a fake). It will probably best to buy a phone from an Authorized Reseller near you (like a Nokia Store for Nokia phones, Sony Ericsson Store for SE phones, etc.). Plus it has warranty if you buy it there.
What is the technical difference between a SmartPhone and a PDA?
Q. What is the technical difference between a SmartPhone and a PDA?Is prescence of an OS in the phone an difference?
How to recognize a phone as an PDA or SmartPhone given a description of its features?
A. From my answer yesterday...
Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
Smartphone = Phone, Keyboard, No Screen input such as touch and Stylus, and No Pocket Office Applications such as Word, Excel, etc...( you can view them, but not create or edit them).
PDA with Phone Function/Pocket PC Phone = Phone, Sometimes with a Keyboard, and Screen input, and you have Pocket Office Applications for creation, editiing, and viewing).
PDA pretty much is a full blown Pocket PC without the phone.
Good luck...
What is the latest and best smartphone with Google's Android and 4G technology in the market?
Q. I am thinking of buying the best smartphone with Google's Android 4.0 and 4G technology .
Can u suggest me the best one .Please don't write anything about other smartphones which use other operating system.
How about Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 32 GB ? How much does it cost in Germany ?
A. Yup the Nexus is the king of smartphones right now.
How much would it cost to upgrade to a smartphone?
Q. I currently have a family plan with 3 basic phones on it through verizon. We share 700 minutes and unlimited texting. I want to upgrade to a smartphone but not sure how much it would cost me. I would just be getting 2gb for data. We get a %18 percent discount so I'm not sure how that works. If you could atleast show how to get the final price it would be great.
A. Based on 2 basic phones and one smartphone, with 2GB data and unlimited talk and text, the pre-tax (and pre-discount) cost is $160.
I would make the assumption that the discount will roughly cancel out the taxes and such, so you are looking at roughly $160 per month.
Why do you need a smart phone plan when getting a smartphone from Cricket?
Q. Can you get a smartphone without the plan? Also, if you get the phone with the plan, can you change the plan and keep the phone?
A. because smartphones have certain features that are necessary for it to work properly. ex internet. you cant use your smartphone until you set up your gmail account for it to even make calls. the good part is you get alot of things included in the plan
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