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What Is The Purpose Of A Gadget Oppression Deck In Yugioh?

Q. i am thinking about making a gadget deck i and i was just curious. Also how are they so good and if possible could you make a good deck list for me
A. Alright heres the true lowdown from a guy who played that very deck since the release of Phantom Darkness. The deck is primarily Anti-Meta which means that it tries to use cards to counter the most popular decks in the game. In the past (and partially now) this meant shutting down special summoning in order to slow the game down, this way you and your opponent should only be able to summon 1 monster per turn usually. However because of your gadgets friendly abilities you gain a +1 advantage in your hand each time you summon while your opponent doesn't..usually. The biggest problem with the deck these days is the rise of blackwings and what they commonly do..pretty much the same thing as gadgets, summon and get a +1 via Black Whirlwind, and they can keep it up longer meaning if the game lasts long enough their advantage becomes greater than yours. Thats generally where grave control comes in (Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer is a must, maybe D.D. Crow sided in). Sadly with the rise of blackwings the deck isn't nearly as good as it once was, but its a wonderfully cheap and strategic deck to play, good luck!
How do I get my Kaspersky gadget back up?
Q. Hello, I've recently downloaded my Kaspersky Internet Security and then the gadget popped up on the side. I removed the gadget but I'd like it back but I can't figure out how! Any clue on how to get it back?
A. Hello,
Depends if you are using Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
Windows Vista:
You would need to get your sidebar up. You can access this by clicking on the start button, then typing 'Sidebar' into the search box just above the start button, then selecting Windows Sidebar from the list of results.
From here you should see the right side of your computer screen has gone slightly darker, and you should see things like a clock along the right side. You should also see a small grey '+' symbol, please click on it.
Once clicking the symbol a window will appear showing available gadgets. Just double click on the Kaspersky Gadget to get it back up and running.
Windows 7:
This ones a lot easier.. Just right click in an empty space on your computer's desktop then select 'Gadgets'. This will bring up a window showing all available gadgets, please double click on the Kaspersky gadget to get it back up and running.
How do i make a real good gadget deck with or without machina?
Q. I really dont wanna use machina cause everyone is and i wanna have a kind of original deck. If anyone runs or played a gadget deck can you also tell me its weaknesses ?
A. Basically what this deck is really useful for is to stop the field swarm/special summon of the opponent, which these days is the most common way that people draw out there best cards.
Basically you can buy 3 structure decks with all/most of these cards within, it will beef up your traps and gadgets, with Dimensional prison, which itself is worth 6 bucks! If you buy it cheap online, you can pay more for the whole deck than you would one single D-prison.
Monsters (20)
3x Green Gadget
3x Red Gadget
3x Yellow Gadget
-- this is the base of the deck, obviously.
2x Giant Rat
-- help you get your buggers out faster than normal
2x Cyber Dragon
2x Cyber Valley
-- just a great card set, dragon is basically a free summon, and valley lets you draw cards.
2x Boot-Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo
1x Sangan
1x Neo Spatian Grand Mole
-- boot up is atleast a good defender, and a stout offense with gadgets. Sangan and grand mole are just good to have.
1x Ancient Gear Gajiltron Chimera
Here is where you do what this deck is meant to, Shut their shit down.
Spells (14)
3x Smashing ground
3x Shrink
-- I love this card, ruins confidence of oppenents when they need atleast 2400 to surely defeat even puny yellow gadget.
2x Creature Swap
1x Mystical Space typhoon
1x Heavy Storm
1x Brain Control
1x Pot of avarice
1x Limiter Removal
1x Lightning vortex
3x Dimensional Prison / Sakuretsu Armor
1x Ultimate Offering
1x Solumn Judgement
1x Mirror Force
-- I can't afford these :( So I usually run Either:
My body as a shield, Waboku, Scrap Iron Scarecrow. None of those are outrageous in price.
My brother runs this deck, he and I usually go one for one. I run a Six samurai deck.
What happened to my sticky note gadget in windows vista?
Q. So I had updated my Windows Vista programmed laptop to Windows 7, but my sticky note gadget is gone! I have the clock and weather still but I'd like to have my sticky notes back!
A. Sticky notes gadget comes with Windows 7 which i tried earlier but it is not with Windows vista. I am using CD Messenger for sticky notes, to do list and event reminder. I can send stickies to my colleagues, place it on my desktop. I think CD Messenger gives advance sticky notes features.
What is a good gadget that i could buy which plays flash?
Q. i want a gadget that can play adobe flash player in browser. something like the ipod touch. it also needs to be pocket size, so quite portable. no tablets please.
Thanks in advance.
A. a great website that has non mainstream gadgets that would have flash would be ecost.com and of course ebay.
For gadget lovers, are you willing to pay a membership fee to join a gadget club?
Q. With all the gadgets out there, for most people, there are so little money to spend on them and so little time to learn the ins and outs of a new gadget, will anyone be willing to join a club and pay a membership fee (like $100/mon.) to learn and play with all the most popular gadgets out there that can help you to become more organize and more productive in business and your personal life?
A. unlikley - gadget lovers are often technophiles and 'early adapters' who are very knowledgeable of the upcoming new technologies and upcoming 'gadgets' and would tend to be proficient in their use. And as you say, new gadgets/tech is very expensive, I am guessing they would rather put their money towards ownership of the gadgets rather than information or the opportunity to 'play' with them.
What is the gadget used at the end of The Bourne Identity?
Q. In The Bourne Identity, towards the end, Bourne uses a gadget that makes all the car alarms on the block go off. Is this real, and if so what is it?
A. I cannot imagine that there is such a gadget.
To do that would be to manage various systems at once, and (via software) to set off different systems at once. That would be some device.
What's the gadget advertised on tv that heats sticky pads to a wall which can be removed without damaging wall?
Q. Is this gadget any good? Is there a weight limit to what it can hold. It fixes a pad to the wall and can be removed from the wall by the hand held gadget.
A. Called a Command Hook and is made by 3M. It will hold 5 pounds. No heat is involved.
What gadget should i buy to see my kid from long distance?
Q. I need to have a gadget, on which i can see my kids, i don't know if i should use a device or just laptop.
A. IPhone 4s. I have it and it's awesome really cool light, good shape and color and really really easy to operate anyways only with the 4s u can call ur kid and face chat so how it works is u call ur kid and on the screen it says face time and all u do is just press it. U should use that cuz u could call ur kid anytime and anywhere soo ya u should check into it and the 4 and 4s there is a difference but get the 4s I'd go with AT&T.
How do I get Windows Gadgets (specifically, the weather gadget) in French?
Q. I have the weather desktop gadget the standard one that comes with it but it's in English. There's no options in editing to change to another language, is it possible to get one in French, or change it somehow?
A. Allo
Les gadgets (widgets) Windows viennent avec la même langue que Windows habituellement. Laisser tomber ce gadget et utilise celui de météomédia à la place !
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