BUFOLI: thousands of mass requires the president mubarak to resign thousands of mass requires the president mubarak to resign | BUFOLI

thousands of mass requires the president mubarak to resign

bufoli -thousands of Egyptians took to the streets Tuesday, a sight never seen before in modern history of the country, while simultaneously calling for President Hosni Mubarak and his government resign.

Promise the armed forces not to use violence against the demonstrators encourage more Egyptians to suppress the biggest political shocks since 1952 when military officers overthrew King Farouk.

More than 200,000 people packed the Roundabout Egypt Tahrir in downtown Cairo and 20,000 walk in Suez and a number of reports that protests also occurred in other cities like Alexandria.

"Mubarak went to Saudi Arabia or Bahrain" and "We do not want your presence, we do not want you," a voice shouts from the men, women, and children who mingle in a sea of masses who started gathering since early morning.

Landscape at Roundabout Tahrir, which is the center of protests against poverty, oppression and corruption, is inversely proportional to what happened on Friday when the police beat, fired tear gas and water cannons sprayed the protesters.

There has been some news that says that the demonstrators who chanted "Revolution, revolution until victory," it will go towards the presidential palace on Tuesday, but until the early morning crowd has not moved from the area.

At first no organized protests against Mubarak is gradually coalesce into a reformist movement that extends to all groups in Egyptian society.

Unemployment among young people join the Islamic movement "Muslim Brotherhood", and the rural poor join hands in solidarity with the doctors and teachers.

"We call for an overthrow of the regime. We have one purpose and that is down Hosni, nothing else. Our politicians must go forward and to form coalitions and committees to propose a new government," said Ahmed Abdelmoneim (25) which is a computer expert.


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