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Statue Mubarak in Azerbaijan Participate demonstration

bufoli - Indignation over the figure of Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, apparently did not occur in Egypt alone. In Azerbaijan, the state fraction of Russia, a number of political organizations also condemned the statue in pawainya Hosni Mubarak on Tuesday.

Arrow Hussein, member of Public Chamber Movement, in pawainya in Baku, Azerbaijan is still criticized the government keep the statue Hosni Mobarak. "Destroy the statue Mobarak!" he greeted the cheering participants parade on Tuesday.

Mubarak was one of the important figures in Baku. In areas Khyrdalan, established specifically a park called 'Garden of Egypt-Azerbaijan Friendship'. In the park was established pyramids and four sculptures Mubarak.

In Baku there are even some schools that are named Mubarak's wife, Susan Mubarak. The naming of this school was subject to criticism parade participants. "Unplug the school name Susan Mubarak," said Hussein again.


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