BUFOLI: Shootout with the Army, 10 Gangster Killed Shootout with the Army, 10 Gangster Killed | BUFOLI

Shootout with the Army, 10 Gangster Killed

Bufoli - Clashes between security forces and members of Mexican drug cartels network re-occurred in Mexico. This time at least ten people suspected drug cartel members shot dead in northeastern states of Mexico, Tamaulipas, which borders the United States, not long ago.

Shootout took place after troops accidentally discovered an armed camp near the border Valle Hermoso, in the middle of patrol. Panic because his base was attacked, the members of the cartel immediately reply to an attack launched by the soldiers.

Firefight ended after the army stifle opposition members of the cartel and seized a rocket launcher, 20 grenades, two grenade launchers and 24 rifles. "In a firefight that 10 people had been shot dead," Defense Secretariat said in a statement.


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