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Police arrested five investigators WikiLeaks

Bufoli - British police arrest five youths suspected of being sympathizers of the page pembocor secret U.S. government, WikiLeaks. They are suspected of hacking the Internet network owned by several companies before deciding cooperation with WikiLeaks.

Because of their tantrums, company Internet sites were not accessible for some time. According to The Guardian daily, five hackers (hackers) aged 15 to 26-year dicokok police on Friday morning local time.

They were allegedly involved with the hacker group Anonymous, which makes paralyzed pages MasterCard, Visa and PayPal are blocking the flow of funds to WikiLeaks. The move they do when WikiLeaks began publishing leaked diplomatic memo to the government of the United States throughout the world.

This hacker group sends seorangan Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), which works by bombed the site with access requests in a row. This action is illegal under computer misuse legislation in the UK, the perpetrator can be fined up to 5,000 pounds, or about Rp71 million.

Following the arrest of five members, Anonymous issued a statement saying that the government had made a mistake has been arrested five people. Anonymous stated that their arrest had been sounding the drums for war with the government.

"You can easily hold a person, but you will not be able to hold our ideology. We are united with a common purpose and we can and will exceed the limits to achieve it, "said the anonymous statement to the British government.

"So our advice to you, the British government, is to disseminate this statement as a serious warning from the citizens of the world. We will not stop until our comrades be released, "continued the statement again.

At this time, Anonymous was supporting the revolution in Tunisia and Egypt. They have launched an offensive against the Tunisian government's ten sites and four sites the Egyptian government.

This attack followed diblokirnya its citizens access to social networking pages like Facebook and Twitter as it is considered an effective tool in collecting masses.


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