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apple remove the application for WikiLeaks

Bufoli - Site disgrace personally WikiLeaks again facing obstacles. This time, it comes from Apple. Applications that was designed to present documentation that published confidential data WikiLeaks site was removed from the App Store due to be assessed against the rule.

"Applications must be accepted law in all countries. They should not attack individuals or particular groups," said Trudy Muller, a spokesman for Apple. He said it revoked WikiLeaks applications on iPhone, iPod, and iPad for violating the guidelines that have been defined for all of Apple's software developers.

Apple passed the application on December 17, 2010. However, less than a week, precisely on Monday (12/20/2010), the application is withdrawn. The application was made by Igor Barinov as a paid application rates to 1.99 U.S. dollars. In keteranga on his Twitter, he said it would donate $ 1 from each sale to WikiLeaks results.

Previously, WikiLeaks many times met obstacles. First of all, a provider of web addresses and hosting it in the U.S., EveryDNS and Amazon, stop the subscription contract so that the site was forced to change address and move the server. Later, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal also block the donation account to WikiLeaks since the site said it would reveal more than 250,000 wire data diplomatic secret U.S. Government.


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