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Lady Gaga Break Itunes Records

Lady Gaga album "Born This Way" has become the single most rapidly-sold at Apple's iTunes stores worldwide, with more than one million downloads within five days, Apple said on Friday (18 / 2).

Apple claimed the song was influenced dance track featured 24-year-old singer, after "hatching" from a giant egg at the Grammy Awards, and has occupied the position to-1 on iTunes in 23 countries, as quoted by Reuters Life.

"Born This Way", which are planned for launch in May, also directly bolted to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart earlier this week.

Artist with a sparkling performance also reveals the secret to maintaining her body is very skinny, and how he makes his creativity continues to flow.

"I'm on a diet ...," said Lady Gaga to Sirius XM radio on Friday.

"I live the life which I want, be creative. I want to drink whiskey and other drinks while I work. But the deal is I have to work every day .... And it is about cross-training and make myself inspired. I have to say, I do a stack of yoga, "he said.

The singer said in a television interview last weekend he also smoked marijuana when writing the songs.

After performing with the clothes that make headlines, surprise appearances and travel direct selling, Lady Gaga might divert his attention to a new career he might tekuni - in the movie.

When asked whether he sees himself to be an actress, she said to Sirius XM, "I think at one stage, yes ...."

But, there is a movie about his life, Lady Gaga said he wanted played by Marisa Tomei - Oscar-winning actress from "My Cousin Vinny".

"I'm a fan of Marisa Tomei. All my friends call me Marisa when I'm angry. It's the accent of New Yorkku just slid out of my body and I began to grumble," he said.


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