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Paris Hilton engaged?

Paris Hilton seems to be serious and immediate end to the bachelor status as a wife this year. Realiti socialite and TV star is currently dating the Las Vegas club owner Cy Waits. They were reportedly seen shopping for engagement ring in New York, recently.

Couples who have one year of dating is caught on camera went to Jacob & Co. and saw a variety of engagement ring, including a rare blue diamond 30 carat.

Paris left the store with a black diamond ring bertahtakan USD25 thousand ring for her 30th birthday. Cy also bought Lexus USD375 thousand, last week.

"We've talked about engagement, because this once in a lifetime I want to be with him forever. And Cy has a great sense of love. She had just bought a very nice sports car for me," said the heir to this luxury hotel chain told the newspaper the New Hollyscoop York Post quoted on Sunday (02/20/2011).

But is so celebrity-born February 17, 1981 it will actually go up the aisle this year? The reason this is not the first time Paris will boast married. In fact he had twice engaged to run aground, by Jason Shaw (2002) and Paris Latsis (2005).

Stars Are Blind singer also had a serious scene in a relationship with Benji Madden. Then, before the Cy, Paris, serious dating is Doug Reinhardt. By Doug even Paris looks so serious about binding commitments on the altar.

"I'm not going to miss the wedding in 2010. With amazing how everything that happened between us, I see the future is very bright and happy. Doug taught me what it really is love," said Paris at the time.

However, it turns out the reality says another. The couple split up. Paris afraid to use it for the sake of a career solely Doug


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