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Warner Release "Sherlock Holmes 2"

After the company announced the Sony Pictures movie title rebooting Spider-Man movie, now turn Warner Bros. Pictures is releasing titles that will be officially promoted to film a sequel to Sherlock Holmes. Want to know what the title?

e! Online, on Wednesday (2/16/2011) reported Sherlock Holmes movie 2 will be given the title of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. The movie itself is scheduled to be released on 16 December.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows one priority remains under the control of British director Guy Ritchie. Two character actor Robert Downey Jr.. and Jude Law will be back in action with the character played by both. Downey will play as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Law's role. John Watson.

Both will be faced with an antagonistic figure played by Jared Harris. Two beautiful actress would be a sweetener in the film. They are Noomi Rapace, which reportedly plays a new character and Rachel McAdams, who appeared with Irene Adler character. Unfortunately, Adler will appear only a few scenes only.

The story this time will proceed step of trying to get on the scent Holmes Professor Moriarty, which if true instinct of investigation, the chance he (Moriarty) became the world's first villain snapper. While Watson, he will still try to be a good partner for the figure of his beloved, Mary Morstan, while keeping alive Holmes.

Last week, the process of shooting for this film has been done by taking the location in one city in France.


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