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iPhone Free App - Video call by Skype

Bufoli - Iphone re-issue a new application specifically for users of Skype service. The iphone application provides Skype users can make calls and receive video calls.

applications can only be used by utilizing Wi-Fi and AT & t Inc. '3G mobile network.

App, which was released Thursday to Apple Inc's iTunes' Store, will allow i-Phone 4 and iPhone 3G users create videos for free calls to other Skype users who use the application or have access to features using Skype on their computer or other video phones.

Those with the latest iPod Touch will be able to make video calls over Wi-Fi. This application allows the generation before IPAD and iPod Touch to receive video calls, too, Skype said.

Skype software offers free services such as voice or video calls to other Skype users.

Users pay for doing things like making calls from PC to landline or mobile phone.

In the first half of 2010, a video call consists 40 percent of all minutes spent using the free Skype calling services, the company said.

iphone 4, which was released in June, is the first iPhone to include front-facing camera for video chat. These include FaceTime, which allows users to make video calls to anyone else who has 4 iphone, iPod Touch or the latest Mac computers. So far, however, Face-Time does not work over cellular networks and does not allow calls to the Windows-based computers.

Skype, based in Luxembourg, is not the first third-party applications for the iPhone to enable free video calls over a cellular network AT & T's. Applications such as Fring and Tango offers the ability as well, although do not have much as a Skype user.

App update came about a week after Skype had major service outages that lasted 24 hours and cut services to millions of users. On average, 124 million people use Skype every month, although the number of registered users is more than four times.

In a posting Wednesday on the company blog, Skype chief information officer, Lars Rabbe, said the problem was caused by a bug in earlier versions of Skype software for computers running Microsoft Corp. 'Windows operating system.


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