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Dua Kelinci Sponsorship for Real Madrid in Indonesia

Bufoli - one of the world-famous soccer club, Real Madrid a partnership with local companies from Indonesia, PT. Dua Kelinci. In its official website stating that PT. Dua Kelinci has signed a working agreement with Real Madrid. The following statement quoted by the official website of PT. Dua Kelinci.

PT Dua Kelinci has struck a deal with the famous Spanish club Real Madrid for Sponsorship in Indonesia. Signing the contract in Madrid, August 2010, were the representatives from Real Madrid club de Futbol, Real Madrid Gestion de Derechos José Ángel Sánchez Periánez, Manuel Redondo Sierra and The President Director of PT. Dua Kelinci, Mr. Hadi Sutiono.

The Dua Kelinci brand has become the official sponsor for Real Madrid in Indonesia, preceding the massive nation wide promotional activities to ever strengthen both Dua Kelinci as one of the leading snack producers in Indonesia and Real Madrid as one of the best football clubs in the world.

The agreement also marked the first sponsorship deal between Real Madrid and an Indonesian local company, PT Dua Kelinci.


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