BUFOLI: death toll from storms in the night the new year continues to increase death toll from storms in the night the new year continues to increase | BUFOLI

death toll from storms in the night the new year continues to increase

Bufoli - Midwest tornadoes and severe weather on Saturday was spent in a snow storm in northern Plains, but produced on the eve of New Year's storms by the death of a Missouri woman claimed the seventh victim.

National Weather Service of Mississippi and Alabama on Friday, Missouri, Arkansas and southern Illinois, severe storm tore through the remnants of a hurricane ended Clock for parts to pass.

After the storm, storm through the air, where a dead woman in Columbia, Missouri, died on Saturday morning at University Hospital, 7 Up, said Rolla Rural Fire Chief Bruce South.

Women's Ethel Price, 69, was found to be built north of Rolla on a trailer. other people in a trailer, Alice Cox, 74, died Friday at the scene.

Two people have been killed by storms in Missouri and Arkansas, three.

to save Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, the suburban St. Louis on Saturday, warning systems for storm victims, provided with their lives and severe damage to the meeting visited the Sunset Hill. Then, of deaths in Missouri, Rolla disappeared.

South Rolla, Phelps County city of about 18,000 people, said the damage was devastating.

"But the community pulled together. We have very good plugging along," he said.

Countries of the northern Plains, a blizzard warning for most of South Dakota after state officials on Saturday and again at noon and ended sections Interstate Highway.

"West and South-South Dakota road conditions are a little better," said state Department of Transportation spokesman.

Timber Lake, South Dakota, the mother is expecting a baby, because of the snowstorm on New Year's Eve was taken to hospital by police escort, officials said.

Some vehicles are abandoned on highways during the snow storm, but died a few accidents and no injuries or reports, South Dakota, said state officials.

Pierre was 13 cm in the provincial capital of zero snow storm and the temperature 5 degrees with a cold on Saturday, still far below the wind and cold, think you.

Wisconsin Coulee Region passed the authorities turning the roads with ice sheets, such as freezing drizzle Friday night reported several crashes and slide offs.

Wisconsin State Patrol, but only two crashes, ditch the car along Interstate 90 in La Crosse County reported. La Crosse County to name more than one slide-off


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