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There are 3059 data on Indonesia in WikiLeaks

Bufoli - Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Communication and Information Minister) Tifatul Sembiring said there are about 3059 published data on Indonesia with the United States documents on the Web site WikiLeaks. "I was assigned Menkopolhukam to monitor it," said Tifatul Sembiring after attending the 73rd anniversary of Perum Between in Jakarta.

According to the Minister of Communication, it still was gathering the data and only managed to open some of them because the information is not released at once. He said that the data must continue to be monitored even if the data is relatively not much compared to all the information on WikiLeaks.

"We've managed to open some just because nyicil` `issued by them (Wikileaks)," said Minister Tifatul.

There are about 250,000 species in the Wikileaks data and associated with Indonesia number only about 3,000 more. Menkoinfo cite some data that has been successfully opened by it include some information about the bomb at the JW Marriot hotel, unrest in Papua, and the military in Indonesia.

"There are some other information that we have not penetrate," said Minister Tifatul Sembiring.

Previous Minister and Minister of Communication has been ordered to monitor the content of page WikiLeaks by Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Djoko Suyanto.

Some of the last time it was rumored that WikiLeaks will dismantle the memos from the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia highlighted the defense, including the issue of Special Forces who will be back working with the U.S. military.

WikiLeaks page has deployed a number of secret United States documents relating relationships with a number of countries. Due to this, the world police agency Interpol issued a warrant or the arrest of the founder of that page, Julian Assange, 39.

Assange a former computer hacker is now a center of world attention after WikiLeaks leaking thousands of U.S. secret diplomatic message last weekend. Assenge who was born in Townsville, Queensland, in hiding since the controversial WikiLeaks deploy more than 250,000 secret documents U.S.


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