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Amazon Europe uprooted Supporting WikiLeaks

Bufoli - Amazon sites in Europe was offline for an hour on Sunday. Achievement is great, because the Amazon site recognized to have a solid defense.

Hacker group allegedly carried out attacks WikiLeaks supporters, Anonymous. Amazon becomes the target of hackers because the site refused to provide hosting services for the controversial WikiLeaks site. As quoted from TechEye, hijack the amazon.com site is quite complicated.

Because the site has a solid defense. Amazon acknowledges that the attack was very surprising. However, Amazon managed to take over the site quickly and make a normal return.

Since last week, 'Anonymous' threatens to attack sites that draw their support on WikiLeaks. In a statement, the group said it would carry out attacks and make them feel threatened by Anonymous.

"Attacking the Amazon at the time people need to buy gifts for a loved one is very bad," wrote Anonymous. Earlier, a hacker group that has attacked the major credit cards sites MasterCard and Visa.

The cyber criminals that operate under the label of 'Operation Payback'. Dutch police have also arrested 16-year-old hacker who allegedly became a member of the group that attacked Anonymous sites MasterCard.


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