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leakage of wikileaks

Bufoli - A number of confidential data for countries the United States documentation has been scattered in cyberspace. WikiLeaks is the disseminator of information. Here are the details of the number of documents that are determined to have become public information.

There is an important document 3059 American secret about Indonesia, which prepared the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta [read: Thousands of U.S. documents leaked About Indonesia WikiLeaks]. Among them was the Congressional Research Service report; Report RS21874 on the results of Election 2004 Indonesia.

According to information spread across the page mailing list Wednesday (1 / 12), the U.S. property-secret documents related to the French reached the number 1582. Among these include questions of President Nicolas Sarkozy, as many as 256 confidential documents, and official documents used to reach 1937.

Problem Spain, WikiLeaks revealed 898 highly classified documents the American version. Figures are in addition 103 classified documents, and the 2619 regular document.

Data and information of the Turkish state became the second most leaked, after Iraq. The number reached 3298 highly confidential documents - including the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan - 577 confidential documents, and official documents usual 4043.

While on Iraq, very secret document leaked to reach as many as 4127. Additionally, there are 1158 documents and 1392 categorized other secret to document ordinary scale. Period information includes activities from 2002 to 2004, about Jordan and Kuwait.

Overall, there are exactly 97,080 documents classified top secret by WikiLeaks widespread. The amount was increased again to 75 792 ordinary documents, 58,095 documents only for internal, confidential document 11 322, 4678 highly confidential documents which should not be accessible to non-US (Noforn), and 4330 other confidential documents.

Referring to the details of the type, 145,222 of that data is related to external political relations, 122,954 internal matter of the government, 49,016 of the economy, 28,760 of terrorists and terrorism, 23,857 of foreign trade, and 23,054 documents concerning intelligence. (EPN)


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