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openleaks rival WikiLeaks

Bufoli - Hackers site WikiLeaks now facing the biggest challenge in operations after a site was officially launched yesterday other hackers as their main competitors.

Openleaks.org are competitors hacker sites confidential information that previously only held by Wiki-Leaks. The founders are former founder WikiLeaks Openleaks.org are disappointed with the arrogance of Julian Assange in running a site that "destabilize" the United States government (U.S.) it. "It (the arrogance Assange) WikiLeaks weaken," said co-founder Openleaks.org, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, in a video documentary that aired on Swedish television network, SVT.

He tells us, WikiLeaks is too focused on one person and one person was always weaker than an organization. In an email sent to CNN, Domscheit-Berg said his group hoped to launch the site on Monday (yesterday). Just like WikiLeaks, a site Openleaks.org disseminate classified information from undisclosed sources.

The difference with the Wiki-Leaks, Openleaks will protect and remove the names contained in the leaked data. Openleaks main goal is to help people to convey information to the source of information and other organizations without the need for identity. Openleaks also will receive confidential information from any source. However, Openleaks will not necessarily publicize information freely.

Parties are allowed to read information that is specifically chosen party by Openleaks, such as media organization or a specific regulatory body. For starters, Openleaks will partner with five offices in world news. Domscheit-Berg hoped that cooperation would be extended to anyone who wants to participate. "Newspapers, nongovernmental organizations, trade unions, and anyone who wants to get information from anonymous sources.

We involve all parties to run the spread of information, "said Domscheit-Berg. "That way, confidential information can be obtained, without legal or political issues knock that now befall WikiLeaks." Domscheit-Berg says, WikiLeaks risking "what they have" with the demolition of hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. documents within five months.

"I think the wisest thing is we have to do everything slowly, step by step, to build program.Tapi, it does not happen," he said. Domscheit-frontal Berg is known to be in conflict with Assange. He never forced to stop work from WikiLeaks since last September. He also chose to quit. "You can not imagine how happy I am out of the WikiLeaks," he said.

In addition to launching the site Openleaks, Domscheit-Berg also will publish a book entitled Inside WikiLeaks in January next. He recounts his experiences when working for the site pembocor documents into the global spotlight two weeks. "My experience while in the most dangerous sites in the world" is the subtitle of his book. Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter, citing internal sources Openleaks, reported that the new site serves as an intermediary.

"Openleaks has no political agenda except to provide information to the media, public, non-profit organizations, trade unions and trade, and other community groups," the source said. Domscheit WikiLeaks-Berg criticized the peal of transparency to all parties but within his own organization just is not transparent. "If you advise others to transparent, then you yourself should be transparent as well.

At a minimum you should have the same standards, "he said. Management of other WikiLeaks out of the organization was also because it does not fit with the view that the founder WikiLeaks Assange did not listen to the voice from below. "Obnoxious attitude of the leadership of Julian is a very arrogant," said Herbert Snorreson. Meanwhile, spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson Wiki-Leaks not want to discuss the conflict between Assange and other members.

"I rarely discuss with these people, only a few people who are not interested anymore to WikiLeaks," he said. WikiLeaks indeed become the hottest conversation today. Not the sudden fame, but WikiLeaks.org site has previously made an uproar. Precisely in July 2010, when the non-profit site that leaked tens of thousands of secret U.S. documents about the war in Afghanistan. The documents were leaked to the public pages WikiLeaks.


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