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WikiLeaks view of indoleaks

Bufoli - Former worker Daniel Domscheit Wikileaks-Berg predicted the emergence of thousands of sites like Wikileaks. Sure enough, in Indonesia Indoleaks become a new sensation.

The challenge for a site that claims to have secret documents like Wikileaks is who the mastermind. Indoleaks for example, will be questioned about the credibility and motivation.

In the early days, WikiLeaks was rumored as part of a CIA hoax, a conspiracy theory that is often echoed in the internet. Wikileaks leakage controversy that led to allegations to the Bradley Manning, will make the secret prompter become frightened.

Some questions may be resolved over time, as forms of security and motivation from sites like Wikileaks, Indoleaks.

Founder Julian Assange Wikileaks had been skeptical of the possibility of other sites that have a similar motivation. Men from Australia, said that he would not recommend any sites that have similar models with Wikileaks.

"There will be several sites like this all the time and they are in very dangerous circumstances. This is not something easily done. That was the problem. None whatever reputation you can trust, "he said.

However, 39 years old man accused of rape in Sweden are looking positive that similar sites such as Wikileaks Indoleaks. "Bidding on the leakage of information is huge. That will help us to reach more people in this industry. "

The existence of sites like Wikileaks is not only in Indonesia with Indoleaks, but also a group of former workers of the European Union together with journalists launched a site called Brusselsleaks. They focus on internal information publishing deal 'back track' and secret in the EU.

In addition, Bulgarian officials in Paris to make Balkanleaks, sites like Wikileaks claims as those who oppose the existence of a secret society.


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