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bank of america refuse wikileaks

Bufoli - Bank of America Corp. on Saturday to join other financial institutions to refuse service payments to Wikileaks.

Similarly, an official statement of Bank of America in pertanyataannya Saturday U.S. time. "This decision was based on our belief that Wikileaks involved in activities incompatible with our internal policy that refused to process the payment,"the statement quoted from finance.yahoo.com, Sunday (19/12).

This statement is the latest blow for the site that the talk of the world with the release of secret documents. This further makes Wikileaks operate under pressure the U.S. government and business world. Previously, Mastercard Inc. and PayPal Inc. to do the same thing as a retaliation against Hecker, who allegedly became operator of the site Wikileaks.

according to the analyst and CEO of research firm Securosis a field of enterprise security, Rich Mogull, no financial institution that can protect themselves from the bad guys. But the customer or the bank's customers should not worry because the bank has many consistent to avert hacker attacks. Although previous hacker attacks have not targeted customer accounts.

According to Mogull, Bank of America as one of the world's best target for hackers. Although the company has set up systems to counteract these so it is quite strong. "I'm not going to guarantee that enough because it depends on how big attack," he said.

Earlier this month, in a twitter message there is recognition that activist hackers responsible for the technical damage on the MasterCard website. Hacker was mentioned as a payback operation. The attack was carried out after MasterCard ending cooperation with Wikileaks.


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