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Foursquare support sending photos and comment

Bufoli - Foursquare, site location sharing service via mobile phone services are growing. Now the account owner can Foursquare uploading images, in addition, users can also make comments on the status of the location of a friend.

Photos you upload while check-in can only be seen by your friends at the Foursquare and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But the only friend who joined Foursquare who could comment.

This new feature was launched for the owner of the iPhone while for mobile users with Google's new Android operating system next week. Now, users of BlackBerry users can enjoy the most bloated, chances are they could use it only in January next.

Head of Production Foursquare Alex Rainert says the service is functioning to improve the interaction of fellow users Foursquare, they also can add information to the places they visited.

Foursquare is a social networking site for the largest share with more than 5 million users, and they check in more than 1.5 million times each day. Users get a virtual badge after they have received a number of check-in points or complete a task, like riding a ferry.

Users can become "mayor" if you do check-in at a location more than other visitors. Foursquare plan to add more features too, such as the ability to send images you are posting to Facebook and Flickr photo site.


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