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founder facebook visit china

Bufoli - The founder of social networking site Facebook Mark Zuckerberg visit China on Monday (20/12). Attendance Zuckerberg allegedly in an attempt to expand the network up to get in and accepted the government Bamboo Curtain country.

As is known, the Chinese authorities forbid and block up the access the internet in the country. Besides Facebook, China also banned the social networking site Twitter, and YouTube sites.

Truth in China Zuckerberg presence known after he was seen pictures taken at the headquarters of China's largest search engine, Baidu Inc.. Zuckerberg even were photographed with Baidu CEO Robin Li.

"Of course I will not deny what was evident in the photo," said Kaiser Kuo, director of the International Communication Baidu. "As far as I know, both (Zuckerberg and Li) to compare a record," he explained.

Kuo also confirmed that Zuckerberg had lunch with Robin. Both Zuckerberg and Li had met twice previously, after they were introduced to each other in Palo Alto, California, autumn 2009.

Shortly after the meeting in California that, Zuckerberg and Li again found to meet at the canteen Baidu. Baidu is one of the employees managed to capture images Zuckerberg and Li used the phone and then send it to your own microblog.

Speculation immediately blew hard. Zuckerberg meeting with Li allegedly as a business move to make up could come in and be accepted in China. Zuckerberg, who is learning Mandarin, recently claimed to want up to spread the wings in China.

"How can we connect with the whole world if you ignore the 1.6 billion population? ?? Said Zuckerberg in an interview last October.

"Our theory is that we as a company from the West could be successful in places where other countries had not, then we can start working together that we needed to be successful in China," he continued.

Due to restrictions from the government, few in China who knew the family up. If Zuckerberg wants up operations in China, he seemed to be ready to accept a number of requirements from the government about censorship is quite heavy.


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