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Linkstoxx - earn euro from social website.

Do you know Linkstoxx? Linkstoxx: The Network Stock Exchange is the first social networking website to pay its members for their contribution and performance. Specifically, Linkstoxx involves a monthly sum is shared among members, depending on items purchased on the site (number of contacts, loyalty, participation in group discussions, etc..). At the end of the month, this amount is shared between members in proportion to the acquired points, and repaid in hard cash!

Step by step instruction how to use Linkstoxx.
1. Click here to register. 
If my friend does not register on the referral link to others, then my friend will not be able to get the bonus. But if you register on the referral link to others, so my friend can get a bonus euro.
2. fill the form. 
Prenom is your family name
Nom is your name
e-mail valide is your valid/active e-mail where you will need to activate your account and receive your password.
Gender = Homme for male and Femme for female.
next tab is your location choose your location.
Click inscription to enter.

3. Activation Account.
Open your email and  login with your password.
4. Edit Profile.
Edit your profile or account options like changing password and enter your paypal e-mail address click on Paramteres de votre de compte. You also can change language because linkstoxx use france  language. So, if you want change language, just choose english in the preferred language.

And click on "appliquer" just below that paypal box to save your entry.

Tips for you, add friend and join the group to increase your earning. Linkstoxx will pay you on 28th every month. no minimum payout.


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