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bumping sites and earn money

This time, the author will share a good program to the reader. This program will pay you if you bump a site. This is the rule of the program. The name of the program is MoneyBumper.
1. What is this site about?
MoneyBumper provides a place for you to find the best money making opportunities online and also make money. You can make money by Bumping websites and by Telling your friends.
2. How do I earn money?
Every time you bump a site you get $.02, you can bump 5 sites a day if you are a Standard Bumper or 10 sites a day if you are a Pro Bumper. You also get $.01 every time one of your friends Bump a site and $3.00 every time your friends go Pro if you are a Pro Bumper.
3. What does the "Bump it UP!" button do?
The more Bumps a site has the higher ranking it has on MoneyBumper. The higher the ranking means more exposure and more people will likely check out the site. Only Bump sites you like so others will know who the good sites are that they should check out. You also receive money for clicking the Bump it UP button.

4. Is there a limit to how much money I can make?

5. What payment options are there?
In the Cash Out section, you can choose to be paid by Paypal or AlertPay. Please allow 3 business day for your Cash Out to be processed.

6. Can I create more then one account?
No. Doing so is considered cheating and your account will be removed.

7. I am not from the U.S., can I still join?
Yes, we are a worldwide website and allow members from anywhere to join.

8. Is there a minimum Cash Out amount?
Yes, we have a low Cash Out amount of $15.

9. Do you have any "Processing Fees" when we Cash Out?
No, we do not charge any fees for Cashing Out.

10. Is MoneyBumper Free?
Yes! All of our services are completely free

11. How often can I Bump Web Sites?
You can Bump 5 sites a day.

12. Is adding a website Easy?
It is extremely easy, just click the Add a Website button and fill in a few simple details. It takes less then 60 seconds and its completely free.

13. How can I get my Website Bumped more?
By telling people about our Website! By telling your friends and users about our website they will naturally bump your site, causing it to move up on the bump list and getting more people back to your site! Exposure of being highly ranked on MoneyBumper will provide a large boost to your website traffic with new people who are curious about your site! So please link to us and you will get more traffic, you can also use one of our small banners to help get more users to our site here.

You can add your website to this program and your website will be bumped by other.
if you interesting to join this program..CLICK HERE


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