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How to earn money from blog? Part 2

Last time author share to the reader about how to earn money from your blog part 1 and for this time author will give the information about how to earn money from blog part 2. For the part 1, the best idea is join google adsense to earn money and for the part 2 is join paid to review. There are many program support paid to review but it's not easy to following this program. If you want join this program, you must meet the requirement for your blog. Usually, paid to review program only accepted blog have good pagerank and alexa. Your blog minimal have 1 pagerank and alexa below 5million. As author know, if your blog have pagerank 1 and alexa below 5million, your blog will be accepted but job for review is very less even no review job for your blog because there are so many blog as publisher like your blog with pagerank above 1.
So this is trikc for you, if you want join paid to review.
1. increase your pagerank and alexa ( minimal PG 3 and alexa below 1million )
2. Always update your blog with unique content because the advertiser like blog wih unique content and update.
3. Manage your blog, make your blog easy loading.
4. After your finish the job for review, don't forget to make posting with your content. don't post your blog wilth full review content because google don't like blog with review posting.


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akhatam said...

yeepp It has become a key condition

Sempulur said...

Sekedar berkunjung dan mengucapkan salam kenal dar komunitas keluarga miskin.
Semoga berkenan mengunjungi blog kami untuk menyumbang kesempatan meraih hidup yang lebih baik dan harmonis.
Terima kasih


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