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Unexpected stuff that Cause Aging

Unexpected stuff that Cause Aging
Unexpected stuff that Cause Aging
Without realizing it, a lot of things around us other than age that causes aging of the skin. Before anything happens to you, it's better to know in advance that can be prevented early on. Here's the unexpected things that can cause premature aging, quoted from the Bold Sky.

1. TV
Besides harmful to the eyes, the rays emitted from the television was also harmful to the skin because it can cause premature aging. To prevent this, do not watch television with the distance is too close and cut back your television viewing time.

2. Pollution
Chemical constituents contained within emission vehicle fuel can damage the function of the skin's natural elasticity which can cause premature aging. So, as much as possible to cut back your custom activity under the sun.

3. Cleaning too often face
Clean your face with soap too often can remove the natural oils that serve to tighten facial skin naturally. As a result, the skin sags and wrinkles appear so prematurely. To avoid this, wipe your face enough, that is one to two times a day.

4. How to Drink
Not just the kind of drinks you drink, but how drinking it can also cause wrinkles in the face. Drinking through a straw will make wrinkles and fine lines appear on the lips, due to pressure on the skin around the lips and cheeks. Drink a glass of water and limit your drinking water from a bottle or through a straw.

5. Eating Habits
Too many sugary foods are not good due to excessive sugar intake can damage the collagen in the skin. As a result, the skin will sag and wrinkle faster arise.

6. Job
Work can affect your skin in two ways, namely stress and air conditioning in the office. Stress accelerates aging of cells, while the air conditioner makes your skin dry and thus cause rapid aging. Avoid stress by occasionally relax in between work hours. When in the office, drink water and apply lotion once every 3 hours prevents dryness of the skin due to exposure to air.


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